Learn how to use TikTok on your computer, whether PC or Mac

Learn how to use TikTok on your computer, whether PC or Mac

Check out a complete guide to using TikTok on your computer, whether PC or Mac.

THE TikTok one of the most downloaded apps in the App Store and Play Store. The social network, a success in Generation Z, has won over celebrities who pose challenges to users and influencers amateurs in creating short and creative videos.

Unlike Instagram, the TikTok has not yet made available its web version and users are unable to use it natively on the computer, either PRAÇA or Mac. But through the app emulator Bluestacks you can check the social network on your computer.

In this comprehensive guide we teach you how to use Bluestacks to access the TikTok from a Windows or Mac PC. See the step by step below!

How to use TikTok on your computer

1. The first step is to access the Bluestacks website and download the program on your PC or Mac.

Bluestacks EmulatorAccess the Bluestacks website and download the emulator on your computer (Screenshot: Priscila Oliveira)

2. Run the application and click Install now.

Bluestacks TikTok EmulatorRun the program and proceed to the installation(Screenshot: Priscila Oliveira)

3. Wait for the program to be installed.

Emulator being downloadedWait for the program to complete installation. (Screenshot: Priscila Oliveira)

4. After the installation is complete, Bluestacks will start. Wait, the procedure may take a few minutes.

Completed installation of the emulatorAfter installation, Bluestacks will be started.(Screenshot: Priscila Oliveira)

5. Now, with the program already started, click Log in to log in with your account Play Store. If you are a user of iOS, log in with a Gmail.

Emulator registrationGo to the Play Store. (Screenshot: Priscila Oliveira)

6. Click Login to access Play Store. Enter your email and password to release access.

Access to the programLog in and release access. (Screenshot: Priscila Oliveira)

7. The download icon for the TikTok available on the program's home may present an error. So, click on the Play Store icon and type TikTok in the Google Play search bar. Go to the button "Install".

Download appProceed to the installation of TikTok. (Screenshot: Priscila Oliveira)

8. When the download is complete, click Open to run the application.

Opening the application after downloadingAfter downloading, open TikTok. (Screenshot: Priscila Oliveira)

9. Wait while the application loads and configure your interests in the application. Once started, you will notice that the five main icons of the platform are located in the inner corner. To log into your account TikTok click in Me, and enter your login and password you can create an account on the app using your profile on Instagram, Facebook or with your account on Gmail.

Opening TikTokThe main icons of TikTok are present in this computer version. (Screenshot: Priscila Oliveira)

10. Even if there is a button for recording video, this version does not allow video recording. But you can discover new users and content and interact with the videos, giving likes or sharing with other users.

Interaction buttons TikTokDiscover new users, content and interact with the videos on TikTok.(Screenshot: Priscila Oliveira)

With this version of TikTok in the app emulator, even if it doesn’t allow you to record videos from a webcam, you can choose your interests in videos, discover new users, view videos, interact and share content.

The complete experience of TikTok is really in the smartphone app, but now with these tips on how to use the Bluestacks you can keep up to date on the social network on other devices.

Tell us if you liked using TikTok on your computer, and what are your favorite profiles, below in the comments!