Learn how to use PS4 remotely on Android

Learn how to use PS4 remotely on Android

Sony continues to work to make PlayStation 4 users constant, even as the next generation of the console arrives. One of the possibilities to control the PS4 remotely by the smartphone, just having an Android 5.0 or higher system and the same connection network for both devices.

Don't worry, make everything work easier than it may seem. A few months ago, only owners of Sony Xperia phones and some iPhone models could take advantage of the novelty, but now control is released for several other smartphones.

Here's how to enable this feature and have fun from anywhere.

PS4 and Mobile Requirements

Before you get started, make sure your devices have the minimum requirements:

  • Normal PlayStation 4 or Pro with firmware version 7.00 or higher;
  • Android at version 5.0 or higher or iOS at version 12.1 or higher;
  • Wi-Fi network is at least 2.4 GHz (preferred, however, for 5 GHz networks, to avoid slow gaming).

Downloading the app

1. Go to the Play Store or the App Store and search for the PS4 Remote Play app;

2. After installation, open the app and click "Start";

3. Log in with your PSN account;

(Source: Reproduction / Digital Look)

4. Your phone should start searching for the video game automatically; if not, offer the manual registration option.

Setting Up PlayStation 4

1. With the console turned on, go to the "Settings" menu;

2. Go to "Connection Settings for Remote Use";

3. Verify that remote use is enabled.

(Source: Reproduction / Lifewire)

Activating the remote system

In the same screen as the PS4 settings (image above), click "Add Device". A number appears on the screen and must be entered in the app on the smartphone. Once you do this, your phone is already enabled to access the console remotely.

If you find yourself slow, access the app's own options to modify the frame rate and video resolution on the device.

(Source: Reproduction / Digital Look)

If you have other difficulties following this tutorial, try to verify that:

  • the console and mobile phone are connected to the internet;
  • You are trying to log in to the same account with both devices.

Now just enjoy the games in your palm. Have a good time!

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