Learn how to use other remote controls on your Apple TV

Steve Jobs was of the opinion that a remote control should be as minimal as possible, containing only the buttons that matter and not that dozens of options present in the current TV controls that we have at home. Therefore, the control of Apple TV it’s so simple.

But as beautiful and practical as it is, it is one more control that we have to operate. It wouldn’t be cool to be able to control Apple TV with one of the controls that we already have at home?

Few know, but it is possible to associate any common infrared control with Apple TV, very easily. Here’s how.

Apple advises to only use controls of devices that you do not use, otherwise the buttons you use can activate some function of the TV at the same time. However, there are cases where the TV control has buttons that are not used all the time or that have the option to manage other devices. If so, you can link them to your Apple TV.

After choosing your control, follow the steps:

Step 1: On your Apple TV, go to Settings> General> Remote Controls.

Step 2: Choose option Store Remote Control and then Start.

Step 3: Here the game begins. You will now tell Apple TV which button on your generic remote will match each function on the console. For example, if the controller has an up arrow and it has no influence on the TV, use it to serve as an “up” function on Apple TV. Keep pressing the chosen key until the blue bar on the screen is complete. Do this with all the functions.

Step 4: If you want, you can also adjust the specific playback buttons for Forward, Rewind, Next Chapter and others.

Step 5: Name your configuration and save it.

Okay, now you can use a single control to manage your TV and Apple TV. Note that the classic Apple TV controller will continue to work, but you can keep it safe so you don’t risk losing it. ?