Learn how to use Movavi in ​​4 steps

You may like to record amateur videos and want to make them better. It may also be that you already work with it professionally. In both situations, learning how to use Movavi can be an excellent idea, as it is one of the best programs for video editing.

To learn all about it and learn how to use it, keep reading our article!

1. What is Movavi?

Before we can explain how to use Movavi, you need to know the basics about it. So keep reading this section, where you can find an in-depth explanation that covers everything you need to know about Movavi.

In essence, one of the best (or the best) of the video editors available around the world. Using it, it is possible to perform all types of video editing that you want and can imagine, which makes it ideal for amateur photographers and videegraphers or beginners in editing.

Better yet, it not only has different versions so you can do everything you want with media files, it is available for all Windows computers and for Macs!

What does Movavi? how to use Movavi

What tools does it offer?

To learn how to use Movavi, you need to know all its tools, features and the editing options you can find in it. Using Movavi Video Editor it is possible to cut your videos, speed up and slow them down, add music, add text and much more.

After the editing has been carried out, you can save with the name you want, in addition to being able to export to all the most popular video formats, such as MP4, AVI and MKV.

2. How to use Movavi?

Finally, we come to the focal point of the article: teaching how to use Movavi for video editing and creation. To learn, just keep reading our article!

Install Movavi Video Editor

The first step in creating your own video is to install the program on your computer. To do this, go to the official website and download the installation file.

Then, open it, accept the terms of the user license, click"Install" and wait for the installation to finish. Then, click"Start!" to open the program.


Start editing

To start learning how to use Movavi, know that when you open the app for the first time, see a screen where you can create a "New project", create one"Fast Video" or open an existing project.

click in"New project" and, on the next screen, see import options, being able to add videos, folders, record your screen or record a video with your webcam.

To add your videos, click "Add files" and navigate to where the desired videos are located. If you prefer, instead of adding files using the button, you can drag the videos directly to the Movavi screen. Everything will be added automatically to the timeline, where you can reorder them.

Add files how to use Movavi

Add effects, music, text and more

The next step on how to use Movavi is the editions. First of all, if you want to add an opening to your video, choose an animated clip or moving backgrounds from the stock collection and add.

Now, edit as you wish, keeping in mind all the options offered. To add transitions, open the"Transies", choose the ones you like best and drop them on the timeline, between the video clips. So, have an effect between them.

Transies how to use Movavi

If what you want is to put music on your video, just click on the button"Add files" and select the music file you want to put, or you can use the stock songs and sounds. These files will be placed on a separate track from the timeline.

To add subtitles to the videos, you need to open the "Titles", where you will see several options to choose from. When you find someone you like and think fits your video’s theme, drag it to the timeline in the title track.

It is possible to extend them, so that they appear in the entire video or only in part of it. By double-clicking on one of the titles, you can customize the font used, the size, the color, among other things.


Export your creation

To finish the guide on how to use Movavi, let's now see how to export (save) what you created. To do this, just click on the green button at the bottom of the screen that says"Export".

Now you can choose the resolution at which to save, which video format, how many frames per second to have, the quality of the audio, choose the name and location where you want to save and even save as an audio file or optimized for mobile devices.

Export your creation how to use Movavi

And, what did you think of our article on how to use Movavi?

Leave in the comments your opinion about this application for video editing, saying if you already knew it or if it was new to you. Don't forget to also check out our guide on how to create presentations with Movavi Video Editor!

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