Learn how to use Google Travel Assistant

Planning a trip by voice commands is increasingly possible. Earlier this year, Google announced a host of new travel-related utilities in its Google Assistant app. The tool is available for both Android and iOS phones and works by voice commands, similar to Siri and Alexa.

The Assistant allows, among various functions, to book hotels and to consult flights, to check shipping information and even places to eat. Find out how Google Assistant can help you on your next trip.


The Assistant, in general, is already present on phones with Android operating system; on iPhones, just download the app from the App Store. The use of voice commands varies by model, but usually works when the user says "Ok, Google" or presses the home button. On iOS, you need to open the app to give voice commands.

One of the features to use before travel is to make hotel reservations and find out the best flight deals, but you need to use the correct voice commands so that the Assistant can search. With the app open, say "Make a reservation at (name) (hotel), on (place), on days (date of travel) ".

AboutFor flights, you can ask about the cost of tickets using the "How much does it cost to travel to (city)?" or "Find flights to (city)". Importantly, the voice command flight reservation service exists, but is still limited to domestic flights in the United States.

When you reach your destination, the Assistant is also of great help as you can translate a few words into the desired language and convert currencies. Try using phrases like "How much are they worth (currency amount) in reais?" and "How to say (word) in (language)?".

When you're on the go, you can ask the Assistant about local attractions, nearby restaurants, or fun things to do. To get around and get around your destination with ease, Google Assistents integrates with Maps. You will need to have already marked in the app the places that will be used in the command, such as "hostel" or "Joo's house", then just ask the Assistant to indicate the best way to the desired place, such as "Take me to Joo's house" .

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