Learn how to use 5 connectivity features in a Samsung smart refrigerator

The South Korean company is already offering several products in the home appliance industry, including a smart refrigerator capable of playing music and notifying you when the door is open

THE Samsung It is one of the most popular manufacturers in the market, mainly in the mobile device sector. However, the company also offers appliances such as smart refrigerator, air conditioning, locks, among other products.

Samsung refrigerators were developed with the goal of disturbing the smart device industry. For example, the refrigerator French Door Family Hub 582L It is capable of displaying weather forecasts, calendar, gallery and reminders on one of the doors and, in Brazil, it is available on the company's official website for R $ 25 thousand.

Samsung has the objective of developing electrical appliances that promise to expand the movement of connected homes in Brazil, with resources that facilitate the users' routine, bringing convenience and practicality. Our portfolio already has a vast number of connected products and by the end of the year we will have even more news

Helbert Oliveira, director of the Digital Appliances Division at Samsung in Brazil

Get to know 5 connectivity features of Samsung refrigerators

The brand is increasingly enabling integration among all its products, but not all consumers of the manufacturer are aware of the features that home appliances, such as refrigerators, offer.

Smart refrigerator

Intelligent control of your home through a single app

O Smart Things The app is responsible for connecting all Samsung devices in your home. Users can follow the power summary, make calls through the smart refrigerator display, use their voice to perform commands and even play music. The app is available on Google Play Store and App Store. To connect, the consumer must use the smartphone camera in the application and scan the QR code of product.

Food Gesture

Have you thought about seeing the food in the refrigerator without having to open the door? Samsung refrigerators that use technology Family Hub they have three internal cameras for consumers to view food on the device screen. In addition to saving energy, it's a great way to find out what the items in your smart refrigerator are even if you're out and about.

Another interesting feature is the possibility to create lists, purchase reminders and even manage food validity. For example, models RF23R and RF22R allow users to manage validity for a resource used over Wi-Fi, as they do not have internal cameras.

Smart refrigerator

Energy saving

Energy savings are also an important point for the Samsung and, of course, for most people around the world. Therefore, the models RF23R6301 and RF22R rely on the resource Food Showcase, which allows you to quickly access food and drinks and not spend so much energy. The internal cameras also help the consumer to save energy, since it is possible to visualize the food that the user is looking for without opening the smart refrigerator.

In addition, models RF23R and RF22R consume 50% less energy than other conventional models. Digital Inverter technology increases the durability of devices, decreases energy consumption and even avoids those classic refrigerator noises.

Temperature adjustment at distance

The app Smart Things offers the best features for your fridge and freezer, such as the possibility to check and change the temperature directly from a smartphone. Consumers can also turn off / on the “Fast Cooling”In the app. When the temperature of the appliance is too high, an alarm warns the user. There are also models that allow you to select specific temperatures in drawers, in the following modes: Wine, Deli (Delicates), Drinks and Meat. In this way, each food and drink will be stored in the correct conditions.

Two models that offer these features are the RF23R and RF22R , which have Wi-Fi connectivity to perform all application processes.

Forgot the open door? Calm.

Smart refrigerator

It is very common to forget the refrigerator door open and end up damaging the appliance or losing products that were being refrigerated. Fortunately, the RF22R model helps the most overlooked users. The refrigerator warns consumers by a smartphone notification when the smart refrigerator door is open.

The alarm will be activated when the door has already been open or poorly closed for more than two minutes. For example, if you left the house and forgot the refrigerator door open, it will send a message to your cell phone and warn you that you must return to close the refrigerator properly.

Samsung Smart Home

Samsung offers products of the line Smart Home for some years, increasingly integrating their appliances and other devices. O Smart Things The application is responsible for the integration between electronic devices and the smartphone, allowing consumers to control almost all resources remotely.

Among the products, it is possible to connect TV, air conditioning, washer, dryer, robot vacuum cleaner, Wi-Fi hub, motion sensor, camera, doorbell, light, lock, socket, switch, thermostat and refrigerator. To use electronics and appliances with the app, simply scan the QR code of the device in question using the app Smart Things.

Source: Samsung News Room