Learn how to turn your iPhone into a magnifying glass, to read small texts

Have you ever tried to read a label or some information on a label, but the handwriting is so small that it is difficult to read?

Not everyone knows, but the iOS 10 brought a feature to help you in these situations, using the iPhone’s photo camera. You will learn here how to turn your iPhone into a magnifying glass increase.

As it is an Accessibility function, the Magnifying glass it is not active by default and many users don’t even know it exists. But we will explain below how it can be easily activated.

Enabling the function

Step 1: Open the System Settings.


Step 2: Go to the General> Accessibility menu.



Step 3: In the first block of options you will already find the Magnifier menu. Activate the function.


Step 4: Press the front button of the iPhone 3 times and select the Magnifier. Then just point the camera at a text that is difficult to read or an insect that you want to see in more detail. Your creativity is the limit.


The feature consists of quickly providing a way to view enlarged images of tiny texts, for easy reading. Of course, you can do the same thing with the normal camera, using the zoom, but the practicality is not the same. While with “traditional method”You need to open the Camera app, put it in Photo mode, zoom with two fingers (which is not always easy if you’re using just one hand) and adjust the focus, with the new function just touch the front button three times, select the magnifying glass and you’re done, you can now read the label. Practical and fast.

There are also some extra functions, in case you want to use the Magnifier more professional. You can zoom in even more, turn on the flash light, if necessary, you can block the focus, block the image and even apply color filters, to improve reading for those who have eye problems (such as color blindness).


The function is a hand on the wheel and can break the branch when you need to quickly read something very small. The good thing is that it is native to the system, without having to install any extra applications.

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