Aprenda a transferir dados entre celulares com o MobileTrans

Learn how to transfer data between cell phones with MobileTrans

Changing your phone is a job that can take considerable time. Especially when transferring data between Android phones and iPhone. MobileTrans is a program for Windows or Mac computers that aims to facilitate this work.

It has all the necessary functionality for the transfer, in addition to enabling data backup of the main messaging applications. To understand how MobileTrans works and how it helps you transfer data between cell phones, check out the following paragraphs!

What does MobileTrans?

An application for Windows and Mac, it was created with the intention of helping you to transfer data between cell phones or to backup this information.

transfer data between cell phones

Because of this, the program is compatible with thousands of devices, be it Android or iPhone and iPad. This means that even old editions like the iPhone 4S or the early versions of the Samsung Galaxy S are compatible with it. Even the now defunct Windows Phone and iPod Touch are compatible with it.

It is also worth mentioning that he can access and work with files stored in cloud storage services for transfers and backups.

Another of its most striking features is that it can use the hard drive of your computer or notebook as a destination for the backup of your cell phone information. On average, desktop and note hard drives have about 500GB to 2TB and storage capacity, while the most common smartphones today can store 32 GB to 64 GB of information. Only premium devices have 128 GB or 512 GB for this.

Another advantage of making this backup is that all your information can be accessed in just one place. No more wondering what device is a file downloaded by apps to watch movies and series, for example.

It is also important to mention that you can transfer data between cell phones and tablets to your computer or vice versa. That is, if there are any files on your PC that you want to see on the iPhone, MobileTrans can also make this transfer.

Another important factor to consider when using MobileTrans to transfer files between cell phones that can import all your WhatsApp conversations to the new device. In addition, you can send backups to your computer periodically with the program.

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The same can be done with files exchanged in the app, such as photos, videos, documents and files.

How to transfer files between cell phones?

To make the secure transfer promised by MobileTrans, you only need the devices involved and USB cables to connect them to your computer.

To transfer from cell to cell, you must connect these devices to your PC or Mac. It is recommended that you use the USB cables to make the transfers more safely.

MobileTrans will scan your devices. Check which ones you want to transfer and what your destination will be – if it involves more than two devices simultaneously – and clickStartto begin the transfer process.

Do you have difficulties transferring files?

Then MobileTrans may be the best solution for you! As it was possible to check above, three simple steps are enough to perform the file transfer.

These same steps can be repeated to transfer your chats and files shared by WhatsApp. Just select the optiontransfer, belowWhatsApp transfer.

To backup, the process is also the same, just select the option Do backup or the option restore backup to retrieve previously saved files.

What did you think of the solution proposed by MobileTrans? If you need to transfer data between cell phones, get to know the program right now.