Learn how to sign PDF documents from your computer and mobile phone

Learn how to sign PDF documents from your computer and mobile phone

In times of isolation and social isolation, technology proves to be a great ally in day-to-day activities. Learn now how to sign PDF documents from your mobile phone and computer.

Adapt law and how sign PDF documents became one of them. Despite the changes that the COVID-19 has caused in the lives of people around the world, some things continue to be part of our daily lives. Although isolated, we eventually need to sign documents, certificates and even contracts. Fortunately, this task can be done remotely.

Regardless of which device you choose to use, know that the process is simpler than it looks. No, it is not necessary that you make use of scanners and printers. Although important, many users have given up using these tools over the years. If you are one of them, know that using the Adobe Reader, a tool already used by most people to view files PDFIt is also possible to sign documents in a simple way.

As it should be, it is possible to sign your documents comfortably: just download the application on your mobile phone or, if you feel more comfortable, there is still the option for desktop. And don't worry, this practical guide is designed to make it easy. And more, who knows how to help insert more sustainable practices in their daily lives, after all, there is nothing better than dispensing with the use of printing when it is not necessary and, in addition, it avoids the handling of sheets of paper in their daily life. significant way. The planet thanks you. Check out:

Signing PDF documents on your mobile phone

Step 1: First of all, it is necessary that you download the application on your mobile phone. From, just open the document PDF of your choice not on the home screen of Adobe Reader. You can also open a document that was received via email or another messenger.

Choose the PDF document on the application's home screenSelect a document on the home screen of the application

Step 2: Click the edit button as shown in the image and then click Fill and Sign.

Click edit and fill in and sign to sign the PDF document in Adobe ReaderEdit the document to sign it

Step 3: Position the cursor over the signature location and click on the pen cone.

Position the cursor at the signature location and click on the pen cone to sign the documentClick on the pen cone to subscribe

Step 4: Use a finger or touch pen to draw your signature and click Done to save.

Draw your signature using a finger or touch penSign using a touch pen or finger

Step 5: Position the signature on the document and adjust the size if necessary. Click on the cone in the upper left corner of the screen to save.

Adjust the location of the signature on the document and click save.Adjust the signature on the document and click Save

Step 6: Click the share icon and click Share a copy to send the document to the recipient.

Sharing the signed PDF document.Share the document

Step 7: Now just select a contact or location to send the document.

Select contact or location for sharing the signed PDF documentChoose how to share the signed document

In addition to the procedure done on the cell phone, you can also do this on the computer or tablet. The process is substantially the same. THE Adobe Reader is available for Android and iOS.

How to sign your PDF documents on your computer

If you feel more comfortable signing your PDF documents on your computer, know that the signing process is as easy or even simpler. Even if your service is Windows or Mac. Check:

Step 1: Open the PDF form in Acrobat or Reader. Click the Signature icon on the toolbar. Alternatively, select Tools > Fill and sign or select Fill and sign on the right panel.

Signing a PDF document from your computer

Step 2: The Fill and Sign tool appears. click in Fill and sign.

Signing PDF documents from your computer The fill and sign option allows you to make signatures either by uploading or signing it directly

Step 3: You can choose the desired color to fill the PDF form. Click the Color button on the Fill and sign menu and choose the color you want. By default, the signature color is black. To maintain the default signature color, make sure that the option Keep signature color is cleared.

Learn how to sign PDF documents from your computer and mobile phone You can still select your signature color

An advantage for those who wish to sign their PDF documents via Adobe Reader that it is available for use on both PC and Mac.

Alternatives other than Adobe Reader

Learn how to sign PDF documents from your computer and mobile phone Adobe Scan is a good alternative for signing documents

There are other application options and they are as easy to use as the application itself. Adobe Reader. the case of Adobe Scan, which uses the phone's camera to scan a paper and generate an optimized image. Very close to the use of Adobe Reader as an application, all you need is a good photo of your signature that will do the job. Adobe Scan has versions for Android and iOS (iPhone).

J o Eversign for those who want to subscribe to a PDF document without necessarily downloading the application on the PC. Through the browser, it is possible to create a signature with the mouse or or upload your signature, and the service also has an extension to make life easier for users of the Google Chrome. In addition, in the free version Eversign allows you to sign up to five documents per month, which is good for emergencies.

If you are familiar with the Smallpdf or not, know that it also has a feature with a focus on document signatures called eSign. A great advantage is the ease and security that it allows since it can be saved directly to the Dropbox, Box or Google Drive services, and your documents and signatures are automatically deleted from the servers.

Signing PDF documents Hello Sign allows you to sign documents directly in email

Meanwhile, the HelloSign, which belongs to Dropbox, another service whose main function is to add the function Sign directly in the email attachment in your Gmail account, using the HelloSign for Gmail extension. The advantage that the signature made in the cloud, without having to download the file.

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