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Learn how to send and receive messages (SMS and MMS) from iPhone on Mac and iPad

Since iMessage was launched, the entire history of messages sent by Apple's service can be synchronized across all of our devices. That is, it is possible to start a conversation on the iPhone and end on the Mac; or start on the iPad and end on the iPhone. All blue messages have always been synchronized, while green ones

Until yesterday, SMS (short message service, or short message service) and MMS (multimedia messaging service, or multimedia messaging service) s could be sent / received via iPhone. However, with the arrival of iOS 8.1, Apple brought a very practical feature: Message Forwarding, that is, the possibility to read and send SMS / MMS also via Mac or iPad. As well as answering calls from the iPhone on the Mac or iPad with one hand on the wheel, being able to exchange these green messages on the computer (without having to stop working to pick up the iPhone and reply to a message) is wonderful!

Message Forwarding

Enabling the feature is very easy: on the iPhone, just go to Message Settings Message Forwarding and activate the devices on which you want them to appear.

Message Forwarding

Upon activating the feature, a verification code appears on the forwarded device. It is then necessary to type this same code on the iPhone so that the connection between them is established.

Message Forwarding

There, now you can send and receive SMS and MMSs also on your Mac / iPad.

Some users are unable to make this activation as the verification code simply does not appear. If this is your case, the MacRumors it seems to have the solution: you need to have your email address enabled on iMessage on the iPhone for Message Forwarding to be enabled. If you don't, the verification code will not appear on your Mac / iPad during the setup process.

If you don't want to receive iMessages by email, no problem. Just enable this momentarily just to set up Message Forwarding for your Mac / iPad. After everything is set up, you can disable the receipt of iMessages by email that everything will continue to work normally, it seems (more) a bug that Apple will fix at some point.