Learn how to restore a corrupted Photoshop file in up to 5 steps

Learn how to restore a corrupted Photoshop file in up to 5 steps

It is possible to restore a Photoshop PSD file using Windows tools or third party software

One of the most famous image editors of all time, the Adobe Photoshop, allows you to save files in the reliable and universal "PSD" format. With that, you can edit your assemblies later (either by profession or by others) without major problems. But what to do when this file is corrupted?

A deleted file can hardly be recovered, even though there are ways to access up to a formatted HD, and in the case of "* .psd" there are both Windows and third party tools that let you open the document in a few clicks. The following are some of the possible and most reliable methods of doing this.

What to do with Windows' own tools?

Learn how to restore a corrupted Photoshop file in at 5 steps

very rare a file with extension *.psd stop working. Unfortunately, Photoshop itself doesn't give you many options to solve this without the need for third-party tools. A first tip is to open the damaged file using Windows tools.

V ao File Explorer, find the desired file, right click and select “Restore previous versions“. After that you will see a list of saved versions, where you can choose one of them to recover. If that doesn't work, the computer will probably warn you that there are no other versions, and then you can move on to the next step.

Learn how to restore a corrupted Photoshop file in at 5 steps

Another way to restore the temporary files folder. V to type “% LocalAppData% Temp”In your Windows search bar and find the damaged file (probably in the This Computer> C 🙂 folder. Then change the extension to *.temp for *.psd clicking with the right button and selecting “Rename“.

A third option opens the same file with another editor than Photoshop. We recommend the free GIMP, available for iOS and Windows. just open the file and save again (if possible under another name, to make it easier!) and try to open this “clone” again in the Adobe program.

Third-party tools to recover Photoshop file

photoshop recovery

If these free options didn't work, we have more two indications. Both involve a small investment and also both deal with the same tool, the PSD Repair Kit. The first way online recovery service. Just go to their website, select your file and see the recovery result before you even put your hand in your pocket.

If you are happy with the result, you can consider the cost of US $ 10 (about R $ 53 in direct conversion) for each recovered file. For those who want to recover multiple files and usually deal with routine professional problems if you are a designer, for example the last option purchase desktop software.

Learn how to restore a corrupted Photoshop file in at 5 steps

The use license folks costs $ 27 and use professional costs $ 45 (about R $ 144 and R $ 240, respectively), with the possibility of redeeming unlimited files. The program is very intuitive and will open all layers of selected files (left column) and image properties (right window, first tab). In the "Image" tab you have the image preview with all the layers. After selecting, wait for the process, which varies according to the weight of the file and the processor of your machine.

Were you able to recover your PSD file with our guide? Don't forget to make backups next time. Tell us about your experience with us comments below!