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Learn how to report spam and protect yourself from fake news on WhatsApp                             WhatsApp lets you report spam without even leaving the app. The messenger runs a strong campaign to combat unwanted messages and fake content. For this, it has the collaboration of …

WhatsApp lets you report spam without even leaving the app. The messenger carries out a strong campaign to combat unwanted and false content messages. For this, it counts on the collaboration of its users.

According to the company, such content may come from acquaintances or strangers who have access to your telephone number.

The purpose of this untrue information would be to mislead someone into behaving in a certain way. They can, for example, request to open or share a link, register, send data, among other things.

Check out the following how to report spam on WhatsApp on Android and iPhone. Also find out how to recognize this type of content and protect yourself from false messages.

How to report WhatsApp spam on Android and iOS

The chat app lets you report spam sent from both unknown and already added contacts.

How to report WhatsApp spam from an unknown number

1. Open WhatsApp as usual and tap on the unknown number message to view it;

2. Just below the message, tap Report;

Report spam whatsapp

3 In the box that opens, confirm your choice at Report.

  • If you no longer want the person to contact you, also check the box next to the text Block contact and delete messages from this conversation.

Soon you will no longer receive messages from this person. She will also be unable to see if she is online or when she was last in the app if she has the feature enabled.

Also according to WhatsApp, the unwanted user will also not be able to view any updates made to their profile or Status section. Your phone number, however, will not be removed from that person's contact list.

Reporting WhatsApp spam from a known number or group

1. Open WhatsApp as usual and tap on the contact or group to access the conversation;

2. Tap on the name of the person or group to access his / her settings;

Report spam whatsapp

3 Scroll down and go to Report Contact;

4 In the box that opens, confirm your choice at Report.

  • If you no longer want the person or group to contact you, also check the box next to the text. Block contact and delete messages from this conversation.

How to remove a spam report on WhatsApp

Reported a person or group as spam and regretted it? WhatsApp offers no option to undo this charge. One way to try to resolve the misunderstanding is to explain the situation directly company.

To do this, you need to open the messenger and, from the home screen, follow the path: Settings Help Contact Us. Then describe the problem and include screenshots if you have them. Proceed on Advance.

In the next screen, choose the item That doesn't answer my question.. Your default email app will open. Review the content and send to the address indicated automatically.

It is noteworthy, however, that there is no official information that the above solution is effective to dispel spam reports. But do not worry. The company explains that not necessarily, because of a report, a user account will be banned.

If your biggest concern is actually getting back in touch with the person you reported, the process is simpler.

1. Open WhatsApp and go to the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen;

2. In the menu that opens, go to Settings;

3 Then opt for Privacy;

4 Scroll to the next screen and tap Blocked Contacts;

report spam whatsapp

5 Touch the contact you want to unblock and confirm at Unlock xxxx.

Then the person be unlocked. However, all existing conversation history before the lock is lost.

See also the 5 steps to know if it was locked in WhatsApp.

How to recognize if a spam or fake content in WhatsApp

WhatsApp itself gives tips for its users to avoid being fooled by unwanted or fake messages. Not to fall into scams, be wary if the content:

  • Present spelling or grammatical errors;
  • Request that you access a link or share the message with other users;
  • Request personal data (bank, passwords, dates, etc.);
  • Has a sender who claims to be from the WhatsApp team;
  • Explain how to avoid punishments, such as suspension, when forwarding the text;
  • Count on information about a possible prize or reward (as in the case of false sweepstakes and promotions).

The company advises that if you receive something like that, do not click on any link or give any personal information. Then delete the message and let the person who sent it know that it's spam or scam.

How to avoid sharing fake news on WhatsApp

The term fake news it is on the rise more than ever and it is about fake news circulating, especially through social networks, as if it were legitimate.

In addition to causing misinformation, such content can harm people who are supposed to be involved in the stories.

For this reason, WhatsApp recommends that you first check whether the message was written by the sender or forwarded. In the second case, the tag Forwarded displayed right at the top of the dialogue balloon.

Report spam whatsapp

Once again, it's important to be mindful of writing. Often these reports are from suspicious sources and may present grammatical and spelling errors. So, try to confirm what you read on trusted sites.

A picture is worth a thousand words? Not always. With the help of technology, photos, videos and audio can be easily edited and altered for any specific purpose. Again, see if the media is being replicated on different credible communication vehicles.

If you have received the same message from many friends and have seen multiple social media shares, still be suspicious. False news tends to feature easily viralizing polemics. However, it is not because many people have shared that it become real.

See also how to recover deleted messages in WhatsApp. And learn how to save space by not saving WhatsApp photos and videos to your device.