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How to protect your Android device from viruses

Below are four tips for preventing your Android device from becoming infected with a virus or other malware. However, it is essential to use common sense when downloading unknown applications or clicking on miraculous or suspicious advertisements.

Control app permissions

A recent survey by security firm Kaspersky Lab indicated that 20% of users never read the messages presented by installed applications, simply clicking Next or Agree each time the program requested something. That way the app had access to almost all important data from your phone.

So read through all the messages (not to be confused with the Terms of Use) that the app presents. Many of them ask you to access your location, contact list, social media profile, photos, etc. If this causes inconvenience, just uncheck the information you are not comfortable sharing.

And if you are an Android Marshmallow user, just change the permissions of the apps in the Settings menu.

android permissions 2
Android Marshmallow already allows you to change the permissions in the Settings / AndroidPIT menu

Put passwords on the most important apps

Filling your smartphone with passwords makes using the device almost unbearable. But that doesn't mean the most important apps shouldn't be protected. Thus, programs like WhatsApp, social networks, contact list, mobile banking, Google Play and email account can count on password lock.

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Only enter passwords for the most important apps / ANDROIDPIT
<p>Two good tips are App Lock and Chat Lock. The first uses the traditional lock pattern design already present on all Android smartphones; The second gives access to applications by entering a numeric password (PIN).</p>
<h3>Avoid rooting the device</h3>
<p>The root process where you become an Android super administrator – is not the simplest thing in the world. Therefore, it is only used by the most advanced users, which, as we are well aware, are the minority.</p>
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Rooting makes your phone totally vulnerable to /ROIDPIT attacks

And rooting your device involves a number of risks: in doing so, you lose the phone warranty. In addition, any errors in the process may render the device unusable permanently. More importantly, by doing so, you make your smartphone vulnerable to (well) malicious cracker attacks and its "wonderful" malware.

So if you're part of the overwhelming majority of the public who needs a phone for the basics, forget about root. Your device will meet everything you need.

Check app ratings before installing them

As annoying as it is, reading app reviews before downloading can save you from a lot of stolen apps. Many users alert you when an application is a virus or those programs that clog your smartphone with advertisements and alerts that affect performance and consume background data at all times.

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Reading app reviews can rid your smartphone of many stolen / ANDROIDPIT
<p>And to get a little distracted, enjoy a good laugh with some priceless comments about apps. </p><div class='code-block code-block-6' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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How to delete a virus from your Android

1 – Start your phone in safe mode

All Android devices have a Safe Mode or Safe Mode. In this mode, only pre-installed device applications will be started. And the malware probably doesn't belong to any of them. Unfortunately, this mode starts differently for each device. Look for more information for your device in our forum.

androidpit modsecurity bra
Start your device in safe mode / ANDROIDPIT

Perhaps you immediately recognize the difference between the modes. If the advertisements disappeared a great sign. This means that infected application can be removed. But. Of course, now we have to find out which this app.

2 – Identify the infected application

Overlapping Apps

There are clear indications as to which applications are responsible for the virus. Starting with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, you can control exactly which apps can hide other apps. Settings> Applications> Menu> Override Other Applications.

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With Android 6.0 Marshmallow "went bad" for malware / ANDROIDPIT
<p>In the list of applications that appears, there will also be the infected app. You can simply revoke this application right – simply by clicking on it – or uninstalling it. </p>
<h3>Remove app admin rights</h3>
<p>Some malware-infected applications often ask for administrator rights during installation. These cannot be uninstalled so easily. If the app was installed as anti-theft or anti-malware these rights are justified. If this app is really malware, these permissions may be an obstacle.</p>
<p>So go in <em>Settings> Security> Device Administrators</em> and remove the tick from the infected application. After this process, the application can be uninstalled.</p>
<figure><img  alt=
Remove administrator rights for a suspicious application / ANDROIDPIT

3 – Uninstall suspicious application

To uninstall the app just go to Settings> Apps> All> Find the app> Uninstall.

uninstall app
Uninstall the app easily from your Android / ANDROIDPIT settings menu

4 – Test if you were successful in restarting the device in standard mode

Now that the malware is supposed to be eliminated, I need to check if the advertising has really disappeared. Switch your device off and on so that it returns to normal mode. And confirm that the virus has been deleted, as annoying messages should already be there.

Simply uninstalling the app is not enough

By uninstalling the app you unfortunately only eliminate the symptoms of viruses, which are the most annoying part. Thomas Uhlemann, security analyst at Eset, specializing in the development of security solutions, has informed us of other dangers.

According to him, it should be kept in mind that "the application may already have transferred personal data from your device to a third server, such as logins, passwords and more. It is also possible that an SMS provider has already been received and can thus modify the your network by accessing your carrier, so it may be that even though you have uninstalled the infected app, you will still receive advertisements.

However, this can be resolved by looking at your device's APN. To do this, enter into Settings > Network Settings > More Settings > Mobile networks > Access point. Then request a new SMS installation for your provider. "

If an application has reached root access privileges, it could make changes to your system. A factory backup and reset can help. Unfortunately, with restoring your device to factory defaults, you will need to reinstall and configure all your applications again.

Tell us about your malware experience

Have you had any bad malware experience on your Android? Were you able to get rid of the plague alone? How did you do it?

In collaboration with Rui Maciel.

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