Learn how to redeem a gift card on the Brazilian App Store

Since last week, Apple started selling gift cards valid in the national App Store in Brazilian stores and supermarkets, with credits in Reais.

If you bought or won one of these, you may be wondering how to use them, and this is exactly what this article will show you.

How to buy?

Gift cards (also known as gift cards) are paper cards, which contain a code that can be converted into credits in Apple’s online stores. At the time this article is being written, it is not possible to buy credits online, only in some commercial establishments, such as:

  • American stores
  • Extra Hyper
  • Extra Mini
  • Sugar Loaf
  • Sugar Loaf Minute
  • Fast shop
  • Magazine Luiza
  • Walmart
  • COOP
  • Le biscuit
  • Angeloni

The physical card works like other digital services, in which you take the gondola of the establishment and need to validate it at the cashier. Without this validation, the card is just a piece of paper without credits.

There are 4 types of cards available: R $ 20, R $ 50, R $ 100 and one that is free for the customer to put as much as they want at the time of purchase, in an amount between R $ 20 and R $ 200.

What can be purchased with credits

With these credits, you can:

  • Buy apps
  • Make in-app purchases in-app
  • Buy books on Apple Books
  • Buy music from the iTunes Store
  • Buy or rent movies on the iTunes Store
  • Pay iCloud monthly fee
  • Pay Apple Music tuition

Shelf life

The credits, after being inserted in your account, do not have an expiration date, and you can keep them for years. You cannot transfer them to another account or redeem them back as money; once added, they will be permanently in the account.

Gift card codes are only valid for the country you buy from. That is, it is not possible to buy a card in Brazil and use it in an American account, or buy credits in Spain and want to use it in the Brazilian account. The App Store does not have a currency conversion system, nor is it capable of maintaining multiple currencies simultaneously. For this reason, you will not be able to change the country of your Apple ID while you have some balance in your account, even if it is a penny.

How to use

When you buy (or win) the gift card, you will notice that it has a “scratch card” on the back. It hides the code that will be converted into credits. So, what you have to do is shave this part.

With the code exposed, it’s time to associate it with your Apple ID.

If you are reading this article already on your iPhone or iPad, just tap on this link here, which will take you directly to the redemption page.

You can also access the redemption page by opening the App Store and tapping your account avatar at the top of the screen.

Then you can choose to enter the code manually or scan the code with the iPhone / iPad camera. The process is very easy and intuitive, just point the camera at the card already scraped.

If everything goes well, you will see a warning saying that your credits have been added. From there, they can be used for whatever you want.

Repeat the same process every time you buy / win a gift card, to add the credits to your account. Obviously, the code, after being used for the first time, will no longer be valid and the physical card can be thrown away, or saved as a souvenir.

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