Learn how to record your PC screen without apps in Windows 10

There are several programs to capture your computer screen. However, if you use Windows 10, you can do this without having to install any programs. A great option for those who no longer want software on the PC.

Although aimed at players who want to share their games on the internet, the function allows recording from any window. It is very easy and simple, taking no more than a few steps to start storing what happens on the screen. See how fast to start recording.

Record PC screen without apps

1. In the start menu, look for the Xbox option and click (you will need to log in to your Microsoft account, if you don't have one to create right away). On the keyboard, press Windows + G.

Record PC screen without apps on Windows 10

2. When the request bar appears, check the option Yes, this is a game

3. To start recording, click on the red button.

Record PC screen without apps on Windows 10

Ready! From now on, your PC screen is being recorded. To stop recording, simply click on the minimized bar and select the end option. You can also do this with a simple keyboard shortcut: Windows + Alt + Rso you don't have to use the mouse cursor.

In addition, you can customize shortcuts in the program settings, change options related to audio capture, recording quality, among other very interesting functions.

To find the recordings, simply go back to the Xbox app and find the menu Gaming DVR. With this option, you can watch your videos, make quick edits and find the contents in the Windows system folder.

Record PC screen without apps in Windows 10

Perfect for those who want to make simple but effective videos, without having to install any program in Windows 10 to start recording videos from their screen. And, of course, share the result on YouTube or social media. Try it!

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