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Learn how to record games on your Android screen using Play Games

The screen recording feature can serve a variety of purposes for each user, such as creating tutorials to help someone else or posting game video to YouTube. If you're a gameplayer and are looking for an app to record your matches, the new Play Games update is the help you need. Check below how to record your matches using Play Games.

The game screen recording option has arrived with the latest Play Games update, released today (12/03) on Google Play. The function that records the matches displayed on the device can be accessed as long as the device is running Android Lollipop 5.0 or higher. You can download the latest version of Play Games via the button below:

Google Play Games
Install on Google Play

How to record gameplays on your Android using Play Games

After downloading or updating Play Games, follow the steps below to start recording gameplays on your Android.

  • Open Play Games
  • Select a game to open the details page;
  • At the top of the page, touch the recording icon;
  • Select the desired quality: SD (480p) or HD (720p);
  • When you tap Start Game, you will see a message box appear with the recording settings;
  • Tap the recording icon.
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Setup screens to record the device screen through Play Games. / ANDROIDPIT

Recording begins after a count of three seconds. Remember that the entire screen of the device will be recorded by Play Games, that is, system and application notifications will appear in your recordings. Remember to set aside extra space on your Android storage to save your departure videos.

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Screen recording of the game Sonic Runners by Play Games. / ANDROIDPIT

After screen recording, Play Games will offer some tools for uploading the gameplay directly to YouTube or options for editing and storing the game on the device itself.

What about you playing YouTube gameplays? What did you think about this new feature of Play Games?

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