Learn how to put WhatsApp link on Instagram easily

Learn how to put WhatsApp link on Instagram easily

Putting the link of the WhatsApp number in the Instagram profile is possible thanks to the One-Click Conversation function offered by the messenger. The service generates a URL that directs who clicked to the user's chat window.

The feature works in both the mobile app and the web version. However, before entering the address in the bio, it is worth remembering that the exposure of personal data on the Internet is not recommended for security reasons.

Therefore, the tip below is indicated only for those who use commercial profiles in both applications.

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How to create WhatsApp link

The first step to perform the procedure is to generate the link corresponding to the phone number used in WhatsApp.

1. Copy the link https://wa.me/;

2. Complete the address, after the last slash (/), by inserting the phone number with the country and city code. There is no need to use zeros before the DDD or non-numeric characters, such as dashes, parentheses, more, etc .;

  • For example, if the phone number in Rio de Janeiro, I must complete the address as follows: https://wa.me/552112345678. In this case, 55 is the telephone code for Brazil, 21 is the DDD for RJ and 1234-5678 is the telephone number.

3. To check if the generated URL is correct, copy and paste it into the address bar of your preferred browser. If so, the following screen will be displayed:

WhatsApp link

4. When the person clicks Message, the dialog window with the number entered will be opened.

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How to customize the WhatsApp link

The URL generated by the messenger may not be easy to store in memory. Therefore, some professionals prefer to personalize it, in order to make it more friendly to those who see it. Check out how simple the process is:

1. Access the bit.do website;

2. Paste the WhatsApp link in the box Link to shorten;

3. Then in the option Customize your short link (Customize your short link, in free translation), type as you would like the end of your URL to be. In the example, we choose my number;

Customizing WhatsApp link

4. Confirm that the desired address is available by clicking Shorten;

5. After a few seconds, the short URL will be generated. In our case, being bit.do/meunumero.

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How to put WhatsApp link on Instagram

Once you have generated the WhatsApp link, now you only need to have Instagram installed on your Android or iOS smartphone to complete the process.

1. Open Instagram;

2. Tap on the cone with your profile photo, located in the lower right corner of the app;

3. Comes Edit profile;

Insert WhatsApp link on Instagram

4. In the field site, type or paste the URL corresponding to your WhatsApp number;

5. Confirm at the check cone (), located at the top right of the screen;

WhatsApp link on Instagram

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6. The link will be available in your bio. Anyone who clicks on it, will be directed to your WhatsApp chat window.

Where else can I share the WhastApp link?

You can share the link created with your WhatsApp number anywhere. The URL works like any other and, therefore, can be included on your website, Facebook page, online advertisements, among other options.

The URL can also be sent via other messengers, such as Facebook Messenger, Skype and Telegram.

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