Learn how to prevent your children from making involuntary purchases on the App Store

Nowadays it is increasingly common to let children play on the iPhone or iPad, as there is a huge variety of entertainment options on the App Store. They are naturally passionate about Apple’s colorful and interactive gadgets, but in some cases this can cause a huge loss, as in the case of involuntary purchases.

With the current integrated purchases (in-app purchase), it’s not difficult for your child to accidentally touch a button and make purchases without even knowing what they’re doing. An example of this has just happened to an American couple, who received an account of $ 1,400 on the credit card because of purchases made by her 8-year-old son with the Smurfs farm, according to The Washington Post.

Fortunately it is possible to avoid unpleasant surprises by using the system’s native restrictions to prevent such purchases. If you have young children, learn how.

We Settings iOS (whether on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad), go to General and select the menu Restrictions.

Within the menu (after entering your password), disable the option In-App Purchases (which is one of the translations that Apple chose for in-app purchase). If you want even more security, you can also turn off the Install it’s the Delete Application, Upper.

Okay, from there, even if the child accidentally touches a shopping button, it will not be performed, unless you enter the Settings again and enter your password.

At least that will save you from credit card surprises. Now the stress is only on taking care of whether the child will drop the device on the floor or not, but unfortunately there is still no option in the Settings. Still. ?