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Learn how to make your Android 'purer' without unlocking it

If you have a non-Nexus Android smartphone, the operating system is likely to have a number of manufacturer adjustments that make the phone more "personalized" for the brand. This choice, however, can make many users unhappy. Listed below are some tricks to make your smartphone look more like pure Android without having to root it. Check out:

Home screen

The first thing to do is to leave the original "face" home screen of the Google system. To do this, you can download Google Now Launcher. The app works on devices running Android version 4.1 (Jelly Bean).


For those who want to customize the device, a good option is Nova Launcher, which allows you to even change the icons on the screen and remove those that have been chosen by the manufacturer.

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Google also offers its own keyboard for Android devices. For those who want a cleaner experience without unnecessary resources, this is a good option.

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If your phone's camera is full of features you don't usually use, it may be a good tip to download Google Camera. It automatically sets items such as ISO, exposure, shutter speed, and more.

There is a problem: The camera is not available on Google Play. To install it, I need to download an APK and transfer the file. But be aware: There are two versions of the camera, one for 64-bit smartphones and one for 32-bit. You must also enable the “Unknown Sources” option in the phone's security menu.

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There is even a version for anyone who wants an interface more like Android Material Design when sending SMS messages. The app is also a manager that gathers all incoming messages in one place.


More Resources

Your smartphone probably already has these features, but if you prefer, you can use Google apps for each task.

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