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Learn how to issue and access the Digital Work Card

Since last year, the Digital Work Portfolio application can replace the physical document

The application Digital Work Portfolio has existed since 2017, but it was only in 2019 that an ordinance transformed the digital version into an official document. Thus, the application can replace the paper work portfolio. With the crisis caused by the new coronavirus (COVID-19), many workers started to use tools, since it is not possible to leave home.

Data from Dataprev (Social Security Technology and Information Company) show that the application Digital Work Portfolio already had 7.4 million downloads. The tool has been useful for obtaining information from the work card, issuing CTPS, in addition to checking the Emergency Benefit of Preservation of Employment and Income (BEm), among others.

How to create my Digital Work Portfolio

Mobile phone with the Digital Work Portfolio application The application can replace the physical version of the document

There are two channels to activate your Digital Work Portfolio: through the website and the application created by Ministry of Economy, available for Android and iPhone (iOS). The registration process is the same regardless of the chosen medium.

Before starting, it is essential to download the correct application. In the case of Digital Work Portfolio, the tool developer Dataprev (on iOS – iPhone) and the Government of Brazil (on Android). Here's how to do it through the app:

Step 1: Install the app Digital Work Portfolio on your smartphone Android or iPhone (iOS). That done, access the app and click Sign in. If you have registered on the portal, just enter your CPF and proceed;

Step 2: If you do not have a registration, click the Register button and enter your personal information on the next screen: CPF, Full name, Cell phone to receive SMS and E-mail. Then check the box I'm not a robot and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Finally, click Continue. On the next screen, validate your data by informing: day, month and year of birth;

Step 3: Enable your registration via email or SMS. After choosing the channel and receiving the code, place it in the application and click Validate registration. Finally, just create an access password;

Step 4: With the registration done, you can now access the home page of the application with your CPF and password.

After activating, it will be possible to view the last three jobs and when you need the wallet number, just use your CPF. According to the Government, there is no need to discard your physical CTPS, as it remains valid as a document. So it is recommended to save it.

screenshots of the Digital Work Portfolio application After validation, it will be possible to have access to worker information

In addition to employment information, the user can consult contracts, benefits and how to apply for Unemployment Insurance.

I couldn't access

In cases where the person is unable to access the Digital Work Portfolio through the website or application, the Government explains that the citizen can request assistance in ATMs from Caixa or Banco do Brasil. It is also feasible in units of the Superintendencies or Regional Labor.

The information presented in the app is crossed with the data registered in the eSocial. In the case of the employer, the information in the eSocial they can replace the notes that are recorded in the physical portfolio. That is, everything can be done by the digital tool.

The application Digital Work Portfolio can be downloaded free for Android on the Play Store and iOS (iPhone) on the App Store.

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