Learn how to install the Galaxy S7 Game Launcher on other Samsung devices

Learn how to install the Galaxy S7 Game Launcher on other Samsung devices

One of the features that Samsung brought TouchWiz this year, along with Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, was the Game Launcher. During the time I was able to test the dual-edge variant of the line, what really caught my attention was how this game center works and facilitates gameplay. One of the readers of the site contacted via email asking if it would be possible to use Game Launcher on other Samsung models. The answer is yes, and I explain how to do this in this article.

This process does not require root

A brief explanation about Game Launcher

The Game Launcher acts as a gaming hub, automatically adds your games to a specific folder and goes on to indicate related games that you apparently like. However, what draws the most attention in this service is the "Game Tool" floating button.

game launcher configuration
This is the Game Launcher on the Galaxy S7 Edge / ANDROIDPIT

Game Tool uses some features of Google Play Games, such as being able to record game matches and share with other users. The tool is really useful, especially for those who use the smartphone to play and do not have the patience for the capacitive keys that are inadvertently activated during a game, thus impairing the experience with the game.

Galaxy s6 game launcher record screen
You can record your matches and share everything with your friends too with the Galaxy S6 / AndroidPIT
Galaxy S6 Game Launcher Lock Keys
Don't miss more moves by accidentally pressing the capacitive keys on your Samsung / AndroidPIT

How to install Galaxy S7 Game Launcher on Galaxy S6 and other variants

To this end, different processes exist in a varying number of forums. For this tutorial, I used two different topics from XDA Developers and before posting this article, I tested it on the Galaxy S6 (SM-G920F) running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. This process does not require root.

Galaxy s6 game launcher
This is Game Tools working on Galaxy S6 / AndroidPIT

Having the Galaxy S7 Game Launcher running on the Galaxy S6 is not difficult at all, and only requires the installation of three packages. The process I did is that done through site APKmirror. So keep in mind that I need to download apps from an unknown source, and this should be done at your own risk.


Before downloading the apks, enable the "Unknown Sources" option to allow apps to be installed from sources other than Google Play. To do so, access Settings> Lock Screen & Security> Unknown Sources.

Galaxy s6 game launcher unknown sources
Enable the "Unknown Sources" option to allow app installs from sources other than Google Play / AndroidPIT

Remember that after the process you can disable this security permission by following the same path.


After downloading and installing these three applications, Game Launcher is ready to use. If you have downloaded the packages but the function is still not working, try the following:

  • Restart the device.
  • V at Settings> Advanced Features> Games and make sure Game Launcher and Game Tools are active.
  • Go to Settings> Applications> Application Manager> Game Tools> Permissions and enable them.

The features can be used on both the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge +, Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note 4 models. I have not yet been able to test on a Galaxy S5, however if the device is already running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow I believe that will also run Game Launcher smoothly.

What, did you successfully install and use Game Launcher on your Samsung? What smartphone?

Acknowledgment: Martin B and sushant1thakran.

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