Learn how to install BitTorrent Fragments client

BitTorrent technology gives us convenience when making downloads, which others do not offer us. Who never left that torrent going down all night and went to sleep? Or maybe you had to turn off the computer to continue the download. At these times a BitTorrent client is indispensable.


Fragments is a minimalistic, to the point application, a great alternative for those who don't want to waste time setting options or even want something else. clean. With a simplistic interface the software perform its function bluntly, download distributed files via torrent.


The app works similarly to others in Ubuntu, the integration was as expected. Being able to open files in torrent, stored in the system.


When starting a download, information such as: speed of download, quantity downloaded, remainder and an estimate to completion. It also has a button to pause the procedure.


Clicking on the download in progress, new information will be visible. Quantity of seeders (people sharing the file), previously informed data and details about the Upload. A button to request more peers (pairs) and remove the file, are also present.


If you want to delete the torrent or link Magnetic, a dialog box will appear. In it you can only delete the torrent, or data from download (if you have completed the same).


In the hamburger menu the preferences of the program can be accessed, however, as the proposal is minimalist already advance that the app Not so customizable.


In Preferences, the maximum amount of downloads files, folder destination of files and the use of a variation dark of your current theme (if available, obviously).


BitTorrent Fragments Client Installation

Fragments distributed via Flatpak, to use the program, its configuration is necessary. Visit this link and configure Flatpak on your Linux distribution.. The Ubuntu store has the ability to integrate with Flatpaks. Once you set it up, according to this subjectYou will not need to use the terminal to install applications in the format. Linux Mint also natively has such integration, both in it and in Ubuntu search for: Fragments and install the program if you prefer to use the terminal. client-bittorrent-torrent-fragments-download-linux-ubuntu-mint-flatpak-flathub

If you chose to install via terminal, add the Flathub repository (if you don't already have it on your system).

Now we will install Fragments:

flatpak install flathub de.haeckerfelix.Fragments

To run via terminal (therefore not required) app appear in your system's application menu).

flatpak run de.haeckerfelix.Fragments

Removal by this command:

flatpak uninstall de.haeckerfelix.Fragments / x86_64 / stable

Did you know about the BitTorrent Fragments client? Even simple, I found the program proposal interesting. My application of this favorite segment is Transmission, but I confess that it looks a bit dated. Another aspect that caught my attention was the ease of use of Fragments, a great option for more lay users (or without patience for settings and adjustments). Many may find Fragments too simple, and that is precisely their intention. Your biggest defect may also be your highest quality ().

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