Learn how to get access to new WhatsApp features before everyone else

Not everyone knows, but there is an alternate version of WhatsApp known as "beta". It's in this edition of the app that developers try out new features and can experience people's reaction to what's new. This allows the company to determine whether or not a new tool is useful, has a problem, or needs to be refined before reaching the big audience.

If you are not already a beta tester and want to open the stable version of WhatsApp to be the guinea pig for new app features, just follow the steps below. Once you are done, you will have access to the main news to be released by the app developers long before your friends.

Please note that the WhatsApp testing program is not officially available to iPhone users. The beta version of the app can only be installed on Apple devices unlocked by the jailbreak method, which includes violating the device warranty – something we do not recommend. If you use an Android phone, follow the tips below.

1.First, click here to sign up for the WhatsApp testing program through the Play Store. Make sure you're signed in to your Google account;


2.Click the "Become a tester" button and wait for the message "You are now a tester";


3WhatsApp will be automatically updated to beta, as long as your phone is also connected to the internet. If the update doesn't happen, you can open Google Play on your smartphone, go to "My Apps & Games" and manually update WhatsApp;


4Wait for the update to finish and you're done: You have become a WhatsApp tester. New features may take a while to appear, and the app may experience some crashes and bugs. If you prefer to use the more stable and secure version of the app, simply go back to the test program page and click "Exit program".


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