Learn how to fix screen overlay error

Learn how to fix screen overlay error

Android 6.0 Marshmallow has brought some problems with the app permissions system. One is the incompatibility between apps that overlap on the device screen and request similar access, such as the phonebook or location. If you received a warning with the "screen overlay detected" error, keep reading this article and learn how to resolve it.

"Screen Overlay Detected" Error: Diagnostics

The problem: The system notifies the user of an error called "screen overlay detected" suddenly. In English language devices the error is written as follows: "Screen overlay detected".

The reason: This issue happens when a floating application is used for the first time while it requests usage permissions. These apps are the "bubble" chats of Messenger and among other applications that overlap the system interface.

AndroidPIT screen overlay detected 1
The error message (in English) / AndroidPIT

Affected smartphones: The error has already been reported on various devices through our forum, but the problem seems to be more frequent on Samsung and Motorola models running Android Marshmallow.

Problematic applications: In addition to the Messenger already mentioned, other applications have demonstrated conflict with screen overlay permission, such as Drupe, CleanMaster, Lux, and Twilight.

The technical reason: The screen overlay is also a permission, which must be granted by the user, as well as other accesses that are requested by the system, such as calendar, photos and location, for example. When enabled, the screen overlay may cut the dialogue made between the app and the other permissions that have been granted. To solve the problem I need to disable the overlay to correct the other accesses.

"Screen Overlay Detected" Error: Correction

Step 1: Finding the App Overlay Menu

First, you need to find applications that request screen overlay permission in the system. If you have a Samsung device, try the steps below:

  • System settings;
  • Tap the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the system;
  • Search for "overlay other apps".

For other devices, follow:

  • System settings;
  • Go to the '' Applications '' section;
  • Click the gear cone in the upper right corner;
  • Select "override other apps."
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  Android Application Permissions Marshmallow / AndroidPIT
<h3>Step 2: Identifying the problematic application</h3>
<p>A list of apps that overlay the device screen will be displayed. Now you need to identify the application causing the problem and here are some tips. Apps that look like pop up and bubbles on screen may be the problem, like the examples we cited above. Also, if it alters system behavior, such as increased brightness or screen colors, then there is a conflict between permissions.</p>
<p>According to our tests, CleanMaster was the app that presented the largest number of problems in this regard, altering system behavior. In this app, for example, you can disable the overlay permission.</p>
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Step 3: Reopening the app and resolving the issue

Reopen the application that has been disabled and wait for it to function. If it requests overlap, choose to deny it. If your operation continues without problems, continue to use it. Now, if it needs that permission to work, try giving the override function to apps you deem useful.

Remember: The more the overlapping app changes system behavior, the more suspicious it is. Check system permissions and do not grant equal permissions for overlapping apps.

Have you had any problems with overlapping apps?

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