Learn how to fish the best signal from your carrier on Android

What is expected when buying a smartphone with internet access that your carrier offers a decent signal for full use of the device, but this does not always happen.

Now imagine having the ability to get information about signal coverage, data, speed, and the towers closest to you. It would be better, wouldn't it?

O Open Signal Maps An application that checks your service provider and all other available signal coverage at your location. Using an information service with the location of the towers, the application tells you which direction is the nearest antenna of you, your carrier, in addition to the real-time display of signal variation and also the speed of your 3G connection. .

To know and test this app, follow the steps below:

First steps

Step 2. Click "Install" and wait for the download and installation;

Step 3. Open the app on your mobile phone and click "OK", and your GPS will be activated;

Open Signal Maps (Photo: Divulgao)Open Signal Maps (Photo: Divulgao)

Using the app

Step 4. In the main screen you will find four tabs: Summary, Map, Graph and Speed;

Step 5. In the "Summary" tab, you can check the strength of your signal and the direction of the nearest tower, using the compass for that. In the icon on the left side, you can change the type of network you want to analyze;

Step 6. In the "Map" tab you can see the real-time location of all nearby towers, showing the best available signal. On the left side you will find the radar icon, and on the right side you will see the satellite map view;

Step 7. In the "Graphic" tab, you can check the stability of your signal;

Step 8. In the "Speed" tab, you can test the speed of your connection very accurately by getting information such as response, download and upload time;

Step 9. Under "Settings", at the last icon, check the Allow graph to run in background option to allow the radar to be available on your Android main screen, displaying the information automatically.

Now just enjoy the app, search for the best coverage available and browse at will