Learn how to download restricted or incompatible apps on your Android

For a long time, installing country-available applications on Android was a difficult procedure. Today, with the help of VPNs and alternative stores, access to restricted content has become more practical. In this article, you will find two ways to manually download or install applications that are incompatible with your device or restricted by region.

How to download apps restricted or available only in other countries

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, VPNs help a lot in this task. Currently, they are not restricted to Internet browsers, and work as an alternative for those who want to download apps from their own Play Store that are restricted in Brazil.

VPN applications are able to provide a connection between our Wi-Fi or data network with infrastructure from another country, public or private. The data exchanged between both connections is encrypted, however, I recommend that you refer to the article below to stay on top of the pros and cons of VPN apps:

Knowing what a VPN utility is and how it works, you can follow the VPN setup steps below. To this end, I recommend using Rocket VPN, which has already been chosen as the best app in its category from the selection of Play Store publishers. However, other utilities can do the same job satisfactorily, such as Hotspot Shield VPN.

Rocket VPN Internet Freedom
Install on Google Play

To configure it, follow the tutorial below:

  • Open the app and select the country you want to connect to;
  • Click "Connect" and wait;
  • An orange connection screen appears, wait for confirmation "Connected".

This done, just go to the Play Store and search for the app that was then restricted in your country.

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Follow the steps to set up the VPN network on your mobile / ANDROIDPIT
<h2 id=How to install apps that aren't compatible with your phone

At these times nothing that a manual installation will not solve. You can search websites like APK Mirror and 1Mobile Market for apps that appear to you as incompatible in the Google store. Of course, in some cases, the app or game may have problems running. However, just removing it will be all right.

Attention: This process should not be used to download paid apps for free. That would be illegal.

Before you leave downloading installation files from suspicious websites, check out our article on which are the best Play Store alternative stores. In it, you will find several titles and apps restricted in the country that also do not appear to you in the Big G store:

How about you install apps that are restricted or incompatible with your phone? Know another tip that wasn't mentioned in this article?

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