Learn how to download and install iOS 14 beta on your iPhone

With iOS 14 beta it is possible to have access to the news of the new Apple operating system before the official launch

If you are not very familiar with the nomenclatures used by Apple, the iOS 14 beta a version still under development on the new OS iPhone, and that released by the company so that it can test possible bugs and compatibility issues with applications, to ensure that everything will work perfectly in the official release of iOS 14.

THE Apple always launches two different versions of an iOS beta: one for developers, who has access to advanced settings so that the developer of an app can more easily discover where the application developed by him is in conflict with the operating system, and the public beta, which is a version released to any user.

THE iOS 14 beta for developers has been available since June 23, having been released shortly after the end of the WWDC 2020 virtual edition.

The public beta version was released last Thursday (9), and is now available for download by any person who wants to do the installation on your iPhone.

What do I need to know before installing iOS 14 beta?

Learn how to download and install iOS 14 beta on your iPhone With the beta it is possible to access the news of iOS 14, such as the use of widgets on the home screen, before the official launch

The first step is to ensure that your iPhone is compatible with the new operating system.

According to Apple, any device currently using iOS 13 will be compatible with iOS 14, but if you prefer a complete list these will be the ones compatible models with iOS 14 beta:

  • iPhone 6 and iPhones 6S Plus
  • iPhone SE (both first and second generation)
  • iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

Another important point to be aware of is that your iPhone may not work as well after installation.

This is because the iOS 14 beta a version still in development (that is, incomplete) of iOS 14, so it is possible that, after installation, some applications will stop working or start to crash during use, there is always the possibility that some internal software conflict will end up completely crashing the cell phone, forcing you to reset to factory settings and losing any files that are not saved in a cloud backup.

So the recommendation is that if you want to test the iOS 14 beta, do not install it on your main device, but in a reserve that you can use to test the new features of the operating system without any risk, in case it starts to crash and has flaws that will possibly be fixed in the next beta update.

How to install iOS 14 public beta

ios 14 beta registration To install iOS 14 you will need to access the Apple Public Beta Program website

The first step in accessing the Apple website for public betas, register using your Apple ID, and then login to the Beta Software Program.

From this moment on, you will see an option called Enroll your iOS device, which will register your selected device to be part of the beta program for the new operating system.

In this step, the first complicator may appear: if this is not the first time you have participated in the company's beta program (for example, you used the same iPhone to test the iOS 13 beta last year), before you were able to install iOS 14 beta you will have to uninstall the profile used for the previous beta test and then register again for this year.

Once this is done, you should get the iPhone on which you will install the iOS 14 beta and access the Apple beta profile download page, where you will see instructions for downloading and installing the profile required to set up the beta.

Once the installation is complete, just access the device's settings menu and, in the “Software updates” section, you will see that iOS 14 beta has appeared for download.

From then on, just release the download that your device will install automatically, and you will start using your iPhone like iOS 14 beta.

Source: MacWorld