Learn how to disable Messenger in just 5 steps

Learn how to disable Messenger in just 5 steps

To disable Messenger, the user must first disable his Facebook account. And if you've already deactivated your profile and really want to know how to leave the messenger behind, AppGeek has prepared this simple step by step to help!

However, if you deactivated Facebook and also Messenger, you can still use the messenger again without having to reactivate your profile on the social network. Check out!

How to disable Messenger in 5 steps

1. After deactivating your Facebook, open the Messenger application;

2. Touch the cone or photo of your profile;

3. V at Legal content and policies;


4. Select Disable Messenger;

5. After reading Facebook's warning about the procedure, click Disable.


  • The process is very similar on the iPhone.

Very simple and fast, deactivation will make it so that people can no longer contact you via Messenger and your profile picture will also disappear for your friends. However, all messages sent and other information will be stored by Facebook for when you want to use the app again.

  • Continue to Messenger with Facebook disabled: if you deactivated your Facebook profile, but still want to continue using the messenger, just continue on the application so you can send messages to friends, or download it and enter your data as normal.
  • Logging into Messenger does not reactivate your Facebook account.

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Use Messenger without a Facebook account

1. Open the Messenger application;

2. On the screen, the option appears Sign in with your phone number or Facebook account, but select Create new account;


3. Enter your phone number with the Brazil code (+55) and tap Continue;

4. To verify your identity, Facebook send an code by SMS, which must be identified or must be typed in Messenger;


5. After verification, you will need to provide name and surname so your contacts can find you for sending messages and calls. It is also possible to add a profile photo.

And it's ready! You can enjoy all the features of the Facebook messenger after completing this simple step by step. In addition, you can then synchronize your mobile contacts so that Messenger can also find friends who have provided their numbers to the social network.

If you have disabled your Facebook profile, but continue to use Messenger, your profile will not be reactivated, remaining hidden from those on the network. Remember: to reactivate your profile, just login with email and password on any platform connected to the social network.

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