Learn how to create an interesting Biography for your Instagram

The first impression that remains and on Instagram, of course, would be no different. Therefore, knowing how to create a good impression in the biography of your profile on the social network is important not only to gain followers, but also to provide crucial information about you or your company. AppGeek gives some tips for you to not make ugly in the bio!

Because it is the first contact that someone has with the profile, the bio is important to captivate people to click the button to follow. To make changes, just click the button Edit profile. Understand the structure of the biography on Instagram:

Biography for Instagram

1. User name

The user name appears after the @ and the main way for someone to find your profile on Instagram. So it is important that you make a well thought out choice.

Try to find a username that has to do with you or the subject covered in your profile. This is essential so that there is no discrepancy between username and the content posted, which gives your account more credibility.

2. Profile photo

As well as a good user name, the profile photo is also essential to generate a good first impression to visitors on your Instagram. Of course, if it is a personal profile, choose the one that best suits you for engaging with followers.

However, if you manage a business account, be careful when choosing an image with your brand logo or one that has to do with the content of the publications. An attractive photo is worthwhile to increase the interest of potential followers.

3. Name

With a limit of 30 characters, your name is in bold, highlighted for visitors. You can still make changes to your full name and perhaps include words that already refer to the type of content that is posted on your profile.

It is worth mentioning that the name is also included in the search results on Instagram. So, you can be creative and insert, in addition to the name, a keyword so that your account can be easily found when someone searches for a certain term.

Instagram search and search

  • It is not necessary for the name to be the same or similar to the user name.

4. Bio

In this field, you have 150 characters to create an attractive presentation text, which provides the main information about your profile in an organized way and that attracts the attention of potential followers.

It is important that the content is clear and consistent, as well as showing the purpose of the profile and showing that your target audience has reached the right place.

Even with a tight limit on the number of characters, try to write in the biography what makes your profile special. It is essential to state what you do or have unique, interesting skills or some nice detail about who you are. If applicable, informing what type of services or products your company offers is crucial.

So, use the bio on Instagram to show your personality (or your brand). Do not discard hashtags for people to find your profile and, if you want, tag those who have important relationships with you or your company, do so with @. Thus, the chances of gaining more followers and fans increase!


For the bio, the possibilities are many, one of the tips to use emoji to indicate information that would occupy a lot of space in such a small field.

Certain stickers can be valid in front of the text, such as a letter symbol () to indicate the e-mail, a pin () to indicate the location, etc. Be creative! But do not forget that it is important to be clear, so as not to create confusion among visitors.


Try to organize the content in small blocks. Instagram allows lines to be broken in the bio, which facilitates better organization of text and emoji. Thus, it is possible to highlight certain information, the visualization is more pleasant and the appearance of your biography is much more attractive.

Instagram on mobile

Drag up: how to link to Instagram Stories

It is worth remembering that not everything is the same on Instagram on your smartphone and on Instagram Web. Nowadays, especially for the social network, the look of mobile versions is treated with more priority, since most people use Instagram on their cell phones. So, stay tuned!

Call to Action

An appeal to (Call to Action) is a request that you can make to followers and visitors in your bio. If you want Internet users to download an e-book, ask them to do so in the description. If to send email for more information, make this request clear. If you want them to visit your site, report it in the bio.

An important Call to Action to direct your fans to a specific content that you offer. Very useful for bloggers and youtubers and for those who sell products or services. So don't forget to include a call to action!


To make your followers' lives a little easier, don't forget to put contact information in your bio. It is important for anyone who is interested in your work and wants to contact you. So don't forget to include an email address.

If the profile is actually for a physical establishment, inform the operating hours, telephone and relevant information, such as the address. Thus, you make the interaction between followers and your brand simpler. an alternative to direct messages, which will also arrive.

Direct messages on Instagram

5. Website

With the exception of Stories for verified profiles or with more than 10,000 followers, bio is the only place where it is possible to place a clickable link. It is possible to change the address as many times as you want, it is interesting to link the contents of your blog, website or store.

Generally, when linking a new address from a website or blog in the bio, it is important to make a post (in the feed or in Stories) to notify your followers that there is a new link in the profile. So everyone knows that there is content outside of Instagram that you want to be seen by your fans!

Don't forget to use a URL shortener if the address of the page you link to in your bio is very large. Also, try to post the link with a tracking code, to get access to statistics about who visited your link from Instagram!

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