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Learn how to create a Digital Business Card!

The evolution of our noticeable communication. The internet is largely responsible for this, but technology in general has drastically changed the way humans manage their intercoms. Interestingly, even though we have switched to digital in a number of sectors, one of the sectors that is still responsible for little practicality, waste of money, and especially waste of paper, and therefore trees, is the notorious "business cards".

Business cards are a very common way for people to present some pertinent information about themselves and their work, but in the midst of this situation, some details go unnoticed.

One of the first things I did when I started work was to create a business card that showed all my "super skills", shortly after I had delivered some, but still had a few hundred at home and had to change data on them. That is, the lack of planning linked to a practically immutable technology ended up generating a certain waste, I think that today, more than a decade later, I still have some cards of that time.

Using a card through an App in a digital medium has some interesting points:

– Your dynamic card, unlike a physical card that if you want to change some information you need to reprint, generating more costs and taking some trees along;

– Your easily disposable card, there are very few people who actually keep catalogs with business cards, especially in the digital age where everything can be searched. Having a digital card makes it easier to store information, share it, and if the person doesn't want to store it, they simply delete a file on their cell phone instead of generating junk.

– You may end up forgetting to have a business card with you at a critical moment, but never fail to have a cellphone around probably, allowing you to share your card.

– You may want to share a card with a person or group of people in a different location, such as a lecture, etc.

To give you a nice suggestion on how you can create a simple and elegant card for your business, or any other activity, we have produced this video on an App called ECOCARD, check out:

About the ECOCARD App

As you can see from the video above, the App has several interesting features for sharing and creating a visual identity. I contacted the developers to talk about the App and congratulate on the initiative, after all, the ecological, practical and economic factor that something like this really offers praise, but took the opportunity to ask about news that should come to the App in the future.

For you who already found the ECOCARD Interestingly, it will soon be possible to change the background of the card too, allowing even better visual customization, leaving the card with "the face" of your company. Another nice feature is that you will be able to share this art base with everyone who works with you so that all employees in your company can use the same standardized business card.

THE ECOCARD has verse for Android and iOS It's completely free, even without ads, it's not for profit, so the developers commented, the idea is simply to support ecology, using technology to make our world a better place to live, and perhaps with an air. purer to breathe.

Putting this idea into practice already makes you a more responsible entrepreneur with the planet and certainly catches people's attention.

Download the App and try it! If you like it, spread the word! :] See you next time! _____________________________________________________________________________ See any errors or would you like to add any suggestions to this article? Collaborate, click here.