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Learn how to connect using your Android smartphone's Bluetooth

Continuing our series of articles that aim to clarify functions and features present in a smartphone and that can be quite functional once understood by users of the Android operating system. Let's look at the Bluetooth feature in the mobile device settings menu. Yesterday, we posted a topic about using Wi-Fi, In this second article, you learn how to turn Bluetooth on and off for a smartphone running Android 4.0.4.

Bluetooth active

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communications technology that devices can use to exchange information over a distance of about eight meters. To connect to a Bluetooth device, you need to turn on the Bluetooth feature on your mobile device. Then you will need to "pair" your device with other devices such as smartphones, tablets, headsets or even speakers so that both devices can safely connect to each other.

To enable Bluetooth, go to the settings menu, click on the second Wireless & Other Networks, Bluetooth, mark the option as on. As shown in the image above.

Pair your smartphone with a Bluetooth device

After activating the option of this wireless technology, devices that have active bluetooth will be immediately recognized, but that does not mean that you can already pair with them. To make this possible, click on the phrase "Not visible to other Bluetooth devices" and immediately you will be visible:

Bluetooth active visual

If your smartphone stops searching before your other device is ready, touch "Browse Devices"

Connect to a Bluetooth device

In the list of available devices, tap the ID of the device you want to pair with, a password will be required for Bluetooth pairing as shown in the image below:

Bluetooth pair

Both devices will receive this message and both users must click "Pair" to complete the action. Very importantly, both devices must be visible.

Set up your device's Bluetooth features

By accessing the advanced Bluetooth menu, you can rename your device as well as increase the visibility timeout of the device, which can be up to an hour or even unlimited:

Bluetooth menu

Data transfer

When your smartphone is paired with other devices, you will be able to exchange information at a distance of about eight meters. To send an image to another user, for example, just share it via Bluetooth, select the receiver and transfer the file. If you are receiving, the pop up below will appear on your screen, just accept the action and the file will be saved in "Received files (you can access them through your device's Bluetooth feature settings menu:

Bluetooth sharing data

To disconnect from a Bluetooth device, tap the left settings menu of the paired device and cancel the pairing.

To disable Bluetooth, simply uncheck the option in Confirmations application> Wireless & networks> Bluetooth.

A tip: Turn off the Bluetooth feature when not in use, so you will extend the life of your battery. Remember that in places like airports, Bluetooth is turned off when you switch to airplane mode.

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