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Learn how to compress video for WhatsApp online in just 3 steps

Compressing videos to send over WhatsApp is required when they are larger than the 16 MB size limit. According to the messenger, this corresponds to a file lasting between 90 seconds and 3 minutes. Time varies by image quality.

If you want to send a long content, you need to compress it until it is small enough. AppGeek explains how to slow down an online video to send via WhatsApp on Android and iPhone. No app download required.

How to compress a video for WhatsApp online

There are some website options for reducing available videos. These services usually work quite similarly. We opted for Clideo in our tutorial, as we consider it one of the most intuitive, besides delivering a better quality compressed file.

1. Go to the Clideo site and tap Choose file. If you want to use a Dropbox or Drive file, tap the arrow next to the button;

compress video to whatsapp

2. Choose the folder where the video is located, then tap the movie you want to shrink;

3 The site begins the process of compression, wait until it finishes. Tap on Download to download the file to your smartphone. The video will be stored in the directory intended for device downloads.

In our test, the video was reduced by 80%. The submitted content will have the watermark of the site in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Other options for compressing online videos

In addition to Video, you can use other tools to decrease videos online and for free. Just them:

How to transform YouTube video and upload on WhatsApp

There are two ways to upload YouTube videos through WhatsApp: by uploading the link or downloading the content.

Share YouTube video link on WhatsApp

1. Open the YouTube app on the video you want to watch. Touch item To share, below player;

compress video to WhatsApp

2. Tap on the WhatsApp cone;

3 Select the contacts or groups you want to share the video with. The limit of 5 simultaneously;

4 Tap the green arrow that appears in the bottom right corner of the screen,

5 The link appears in the message box. Tap the green send icon to send.

How to download YouTube video to upload on WhatsApp

Before sharing a video downloaded from YouTube through WhatsApp, be aware of the content's playback rights. Many platform movies are protected by copyright law.

1. Open the YouTube app and access the video you want to post. Tap Share below the player;

Share youtube link

2. Among the options that open, go to Copy link;

3 Now go to the Online Video Converter download site and go to the option Convert a Video Link;

download youtube video

4 Paste the copied link into the box provided. Keep the option MP4 selected. If you wish, you can change the video quality, which is kept as automatic by default to between 240p to 1080p. Then touch Start;

5 Wait for the process to finish and go to Download to download the content.

The video will be stored in the Downloads folder of your smartphone. If it is too large, simply decrease the size by reproducing the steps taught in the first part of this article.

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How to upload videos through WhatsApp

Sending a video through WhatsApp is quite simple. Just open the messenger and then the conversation you want to share it with. Then tap on the cone of a clip, go to Gallery and tap on the desired movie.

If you want, add a subtitle or edit as you like. Finish sending by tapping the green color cone. Submit.

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