Learn how to change the default payment card on your Apple Pay

Learn how to change the default payment card on your Apple Pay

THE Apple Pay is the payment system for the iPhone approach, which since April this year has started to work in Brazil. It is very practical and fast, as you do not need to take the physical card out of the wallet or even enter the password when paying, everything is authenticated by biometrics. Whoever has used it, loves it.

It allows you to add one or more credit cards in the device (the maximum limit is 8), if you have more than one card compatible with the service. But how to choose which card to pay at the time of purchase?

In this article, we’ll explain that.

Standard Card

Anyone who has added more than one card to their Apple Pay, must have realized that at the time of purchase, when approaching the iPhone to the machine (or when pressing the side button twice on models from the iPhone X), it is always the same card that appears, even if the last purchase was made with another.

The one that always appears is the card that is configured as pattern in the system. To determine which of yours will be the default, there are two ways:

1st way – System Settings

Open System Settings and go to the menu Wallet and Apple Pay. You will see the option Standard Card, and then you can determine which one will be chosen.

2nd way – Through the Wallet app

If you prefer, you can make the change directly in the Wallet app. It’s even easier and more intuitive, because it’s visual.

Open Wallet and drag the card of your choice in front of everyone. This will make it the default card.

How to choose another card during purchase

When using multiple cards, it is normal (and very healthy economically) to manage the expenses and limits of each one. So, even if you set one as the default, there are times when you may prefer to pay with another. This exchange can be made at the time of purchase, easily.

When the card appears at the time of payment, tap it to view all other cards available on the screen. Then just choose what you want and payment will be made through it. Note that this will not change your default card settings.

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