Learn how to buy a pre-sold album on the iTunes Store

From time to time, some artists pre-release their albums on the iTunes Store, allowing fans and admirers to purchase the work in advance before it hits the market. Those who buy will only have access to the songs when the album is actually released, but in some cases, they get exclusive tracks that are not available in the final version.

Now see how the pre-sale system works in the Brazilian iTunes Store and what are its advantages.

How to buy

Booking the album is very simple and works the same way you buy music from the iTunes Store. You can do this through your computer’s iTunes program or directly on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. When you click on the purchase button (usually orange when viewed on the computer), a prompt asks you to confirm your purchase order, all to prevent you from buying something without really wanting to.

Tracks available at time of booking

In some cases, tracks are already available at the time of booking, which are automatically downloaded when ordering. In such cases, you are charged immediately for the individual price of the track, but this amount is later returned as a discount on the final price of the album when it is available. If you give up and decide to cancel the reservation, the store does not refund the amount paid for it, but you continue with the tracks that you have already downloaded.

Booking cancellation

You have the right to change your mind at any time and cancel your reservation without being charged for it. Unless you have already downloaded a track, you were already charged at the time of the download.

To cancel the reservation on the device (if you have made the purchase on it), go to the downloads tab and drag your finger over the reservation, until the delete button appears. That simple.

In iTunes on your computer, access your account and search for “Pre-order orders”. There you can also cancel the reservation.

But think twice before canceling, if tracks are available before launch. If in the future you change your mind again and decide to reserve the same album again, the songs already available will be charged again, even if you already have them. So, cancel only if you’re sure you don’t want to anymore.