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Learn how to back up your files on iPhone

Even if you are not changing phones, it is important to keep a secure copy of the stored documents so that you do not lose all files in case of any unforeseen events. On iPhones, backup can be done in two ways: iCloud or iTunes. Learn how to accomplish the task both ways:

Backup by iCloud

1. Connect iPhone to a Wi-Fi network; 2. Under "Settings", click "iCloud";


3. Select the "Backup" option and check if the feature is enabled. If not, enable it;

Reproduction4. Click "Back Up Now" to begin the process. Stay tuned: I need to stay connected Wi-Fi network until the end;

5. To see if the backup was performed, click "Settings", "iCloud", "Storage" and "Manage Storage". Select the desired device and check the compiled time, date and size.

Backup from iTunes

1. Open iTunes and connect your smartphone to the computer. Click on "Trust this device" or enter the passcode if prompted; 3. In the app, select your iPhone. Click on "Back up now" to start the process;


Stay tuned: If you want to save health and activity information, I need to encrypt the data. Check the "Encrypt backup" box and set a password. You will only be able to open these files with the password.


4. To see if the task was completed successfully, click on "iTunes Preferences" and "Devices". In Windows, select "Edit" and "Devices". A screen with the date and time of the backup created appears. If it is encrypted, a lock cone appears next to the device name.

Tip: Remember to keep your backup always up to date.

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