Learn how to associate an email address with your iMessage on your iPhone or iPad

You are one of those who are having trouble activating the iMessage on your iPhone by phone number? Then try to associate your device with your Apple account or a personal email. Here are the steps to accomplish this.

In fact, anyone who already has an iPad or iPod touch has already been “forced”To learn how to activate the iMessage with an email address, as it is the only way to use the service on these devices. On the iPhone, it is different, since the main activation uses the phone number. This is good for friends or relatives who already have your number and know that you have an iPhone, to send you messages without paying anything. But on the iPhone it is also possible to associate one or more email addresses in iMessage, thus increasing the possibilities of contact. In addition, the advantage is that you can change the number (or chip), which will continue with iMessage working for contacts who know your email.

Here’s how to add an address on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad:

Step 1: Open Settings and choose the menu posts.

Step 2: Touch the “Receive on”To add one or more email addresses to receive iMessage.

Step 3: Add an email, or tap “Use Apple ID for iMessage“. Both go to the same place.

Step 4: You must then inform a Apple ID, which is nothing more than your App Store account or the one you used on iCloud. Tip: Use the same as iCloud.

Step 5: After accepting your Apple ID, it asks what email address you want to receive messages from. But don’t make a fuss: the messages won’t go to your email, but your contacts will be able to send you free messages on iMessage, using your address as the sender. All messages will be received in the application posts.

Step 6: You will receive an email from Apple at the address you provided, for you to validate. After all, Apple requires you to be the real owner of it. Click in “Confirm now“, Go to the Apple page (with the Apple ID you entered) and your email will be validated.

Okay, now your iMessage is set up. You can add more email addresses if you want to share your contacts, such as family, co-workers, etc. For each one, you give a different reference address and you will receive everything in the same application.

You can choose the entitlement you want the other person to receive your message from. Apple calls this the beautiful name “Caller ID”(???). You choose whether your interlocutor will receive the message showing your phone number or your email.

IMessage is very practical for communication between people who have iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, working free even between different countries. Learn more about the service in one of our first reviews of it, or get this and all the information by downloading our free iOS 5 Secrets book on your iPad or iPhone, already approved by more than 78 thousand people. ?