Learn how to activate the Dictation function

Learn how to activate the Dictation function

Dictation iOS 8

One of the most prominent news in iOS 8 is the dictation in Portuguese, which allows you to write texts using your voice only. Speech recognition is very efficient and in most cases the result is true to what was dictated.

But many people have not yet understood how to activate the function, so that the microphone appears next to the space bar on the keyboard. Do you know?

It is very simple. The saying is actually part of the Siri function and so it needs to be turned on to activate the microphone key.

Single step: Go in Settings> General> Siri and activate the function. After that, the small microphone will appear next to the keyboard space bar.


And from there everything is very easy: just touch the microphone key and speak a sentence, which is then written. But it is necessary to have an internet connection for the voice to be sent to Apple’s servers, processed and transformed into text.

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