Learn how Marco Civil could end prepaid plans in Brazil

Access to the media and the internet has been growing in Brazil, but in recent times we have seen some attitudes that seem to go against development, such as the limitation of the fixed internet, something that would not be allowed by the Internet Civil Framework. However, that same law can end prepaid plans in the country by banning the fixed internet limit.

In this fight of understanding about the application and scope of the Internet Civil Framework we have constantly seen the consumer being negatively affected, when in fact it should be protected by the mentioned standard. This can be proven by WhatsApp's temporary crashes, something that never happened before Marco Civil, at least not in such a large proportion.

80% of telecom consumer base is prepaid

Now a new view on this rule may make it impossible for telephone companies to share prepaid plans, so popular with Brazilians, that they are responsible for the true popularity of mobile phones.

If the fixed internet cannot be limited because it would hurt Marco Civil that probes the franchise model, such reasoning cannot but be applied exactly to prepaid plans, which use exactly the franchise model. According to the agency's Consumer Relations superintendent, Elisa Leonel, nearly 80% of the telecommunications consumer base is on the prepaid model, and these consumers could be hit by a misinterpretation of the legislation.

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A law that defends the consumer can't be used against him, right? / ANDROIDPIT

Now, the simple reasoning, if a law designed to benefit and protect the user from the grip of the big tech companies, that law cannot be interpreted to harm the user. The case of the fixed internet limit is quite different from the limitation of prepaid plans, because companies wanted to limit the data franchise of current plans to offer more expensive plans with larger data franchise, which has no advantage for the customer. consumer.

In the case of prepaid plans, what happened was the creation of more affordable and user-controlled plans, alongside the already existing postpaid plans. Companies started offering new services, not simply throwing their users from a postpaid plan into a limited plan to force them to hire a more costly plan.

Of course, the consumer protection and protection agencies will not be silent on any changes that could harm the user, but we should be aware that Marco Civil is not used as a means to end prepaid plans, which would be a real setback. .

And you think prepaid plans could end because of the Internet Civil Framework?

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