↪ New Mac Pro only supports Windows 8 when running Microsoft's system through the Boot Camp tool

Learn about two problems of the new Macs mini in Boot Camp and their respective solutions

As soon as it arrived in the world, the Mac mini has already received an update only from it for Mac OS X 10.6.4, but this update does not solve all known problems of the new compact computer from Apple. Two minor problems can appear for the owners of these machines, so it is worth paying attention to them: both are related to the use of Boot Camp, software included in Snow Leopard to install other operating systems on Macs.

Mac mini from the front

The first problem related to the Windows Vista installer, which may be a little too slow. To solve this, just disconnect the Ethernet as strange as it sounds, which is on the support page. We will not contradict the designs of a computer.

The second case may hinder those who hope to have the new SD card slot in Windows: according to Apple, support for this new hardware is still complete in the Microsoft operating system. In this case, SDXCs (Extended Capacity; extended-capacity cards) are not supported on Windows running on the new Mac mini; Windows XP does not support formatting SD or SDHC cards (High Capacity) in NTFS or card reading with the Mac OS X file system, and cards formatted in FAT32 may not appear in My Computer, in Vista 32 bits.

For the latter case, restarting the Mac mini may solve the problem; support for SDXC cards in Windows may come in a future update. As for the rest, I'm sorry. : – /