Technical layout of the

Leaker leaks alleged technical scheme of cameras of the “iPhone 13” (yes …) [atualizado 2x]

No, we are not in 2021 and the title is not wrong – in 2020, Apple is expected to announce the devices that will consist of the “IPhone 12”; but there are those who are already a year ahead.

I speak of leaker identified as Fudge [@choco_bit], which recently released an alleged “IPhone 13” – before we go into the details, however, I would like to point out: this is a supposed design leaked even before the first prototypes of the iPhones of 2021 started running, so skepticism here is not only valid, but also recommended.

The supposed layout, but so soon it can’t mean anything to the final design of the [iPhone] series 13, so be careful.

The format of the camera module is similar to that of the current generation of iPhones, but with the implementations that are expected for this year’s models, such as the adoption of LiDAR scanner – which would cause the flash and rear microphone to change positions. However, the biggest news would appear below the camera module: a new anamorphic lens.

Not only would Apple add a new lens to the “iPhone 13” rear camera system, it would also make a considerable upgrade to existing lenses, as reported by leaker. In this sense, Fudge speculates that the future smartphone will feature a 64MP main camera with 1x optical and 6x digital zoom; a 40MP telephoto lens with 2x to 5x optical zoom (15x to 20x digital), a 40MP ultra-angular sensor with 0.25x reverse optical zoom; and, finally, the 40MP anamorphic lens with a 2.1: 1 aspect ratio (focusing on filming).

Technical layout of the

Alleged technical layout of the “iPhone 13”

Once again, the leaker asks for caution when analyzing these rumors, suggesting that their source of the information is questionable or the fact that it is really too early to speculate about such an update of the cameras. As we know, Apple has been consistently conservative in upgrading the megapixel count of iPhones’ sensors, often preferring a better sensor without overloading the lens data rate.

In fact, some rumors related to the “iPhone 12” suggest that top-of-the-line models may have a 64MP main camera, as well as a telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom – which, if proven, will contribute to the assumption of that the camera of the “iPhone 13” will gain the upgrades released by the leaker.

As always, the way is to wait … or else the first prototype will leak. ?

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Update, for Eduardo Marques Jun 01, 2020 at 11:20

And the battle of leakers started!

Jon Prosser, who has recently successfully leaked some plans from Apple, said the rumor in question is not real, stating that the design of the “iPhone 13” (which he called “12S”, you see) will be the same as the “ iPhone 12 ”.

@ L0vetodream, who also has a good track record, said that the design of the “iPhone 13” will be different compared to the “iPhone 12”.

Who’s right? Unfortunately, we still have a long time to find out.

Update II, by Eduardo Marques Jun 23, 2020 at 20:15

Almost a month has passed and the leaker Fudge came to the public today to report that the leak is false.

@markgurman, remember that jewel? It also came from the AirPower guy. I am happy to finally say that this is definitely false. I was skeptical at the time, now I’m 100% sure.

Speaking of “the AirPower guy,” Fudge is referring to the source who shared images that were supposed to be AirPower, but which have now been confirmed as fake.