Leaker bets on new AirPods being launched this month [atualizado: ou não]

It is almost certain that Apple will, at some point this month, another special event to present new iPad Pro, MacBooks and who knows other things.

Now the leaker Ben Geskin posted images of what he says are the new AirPods that will be launched at the same event:

These are the AirPods 2018 with wireless case, improved sound, W3 chip and (support for) “E a, Siri”. They will be displayed in this month's keynote.

There has been speculation for a while that new AirPods will arrive, but this is the first strong indication that they will be launched this month. There were people who agreed that they would only stay for 2019, which is still a possibility, since we cannot take this leak from Geskin for sure.

If the charging case of these new AirPods is really wireless, either Apple intends to launch the AirPower with it, or the case supports the universal Qi standard and can be recharged on any compatible base.

Incidentally, the same Geskin also posted a few hours ago renders of new iPad Pro:

If this is true, it will be very bad!

As for the special event itself, John Gruber, from Daring Fireball, made some assumptions and bet that it would occur on October 30 or 31:

It happens that next week we will have the beginning of the pre-sale of the iPhone XR, which will arrive in stores on October 26th. With that, Gruber believes that Apple would not mix all these releases. Makes sense.

Update 10/11/2018 s 09:02

Or on:

Sorry. It looks like this fake box. I was very excited and posted as fast as I could.

, by the way we can’t rely so much on these leaks from Geskin 😕