Leaked screenshots of the Music and Apple TV apps for macOS 10.15

Yesterday we released leaked screenshots of iOS 13 showing Dark Mode and the Reminders app; today, Guilherme Rambo (of 9to5Mac) is back, now with app images Music and Apple tv For MacOS as we know, iTunes will be broken down into the future version of Apple's desktop operating system, giving way to new apps (Music, Podcasts, Apple TV and Books).

Music & Apple TV apps on macOS 10.15

As we can see, the apps have very similar looks: a sidebar listing the sections and a large right area for the content itself.

The sidebar icons are even colored (they use the app's color, are shaded and follow a continuous color gradient) quite different from the monochrome icons we have today on the macOS Mojave sidebar.

According to Rambo, the Music app maintains the device sync feature (iPhones, iPads, and iPods touch), which will appear in the sidebar just as it does in iTunes. The search bar has been moved to the sidebar and, as we can see, there we have listed (as in iTunes) the entire local user library content, such as that available on Apple Music.

J the Apple TV app for macOS 10.15 splits the content a little differently. There is no division, as in the Music app, of local / online content; In it we have a top bar where the sections “Watch Now”, “Movies”, “TV Series”, “Children” and “Library” are listed. Each section has its own sidebar, with its respective content categories.

IOS 13, MacOS 10.15 called Mammoth, watchOS 6 and tvOS 13 will be introduced by Apple in the opening keynote of WWDC19. O of course, make full coverage of the event, which will happen on June 3rd.