Leaked! Apple bites his tongue and shows off the new MacBook Pro ahead of time [atualizado]

We just showed that the new macOS Sierra virtual keyboards basically confirmed the existence of the rumored function bar OLED that will come in the new MacBook Pro, which has everything to be released this Thursday (10/27). As if that were not enough, Apple decided to stick his tongue out and show the machine ahead of time, ending any surprise. ?

Magic Toolbar of the new MacBook Pro

The images are hidden in macOS 10.12.1 but, despite this, the MacRumors managed to dig through the system and find them.

As expected, the “Magic Toolbar” is completely contextual and will change depending on the app / service in use. In the case of Apple Pay, for example, we will be able to make payments very easily just by touching the finger that will be incorporated or the OLED screen itself or the on / off button (which is not so clear in the image) , although in the corner the screen is a little darker, suggesting his presence).

Magic Toolbar of the new MacBook Pro

Despite the leak, there is no way to confirm other details such as thickness, presence of USB-C ports (and the MagSafe output), among other things. There is, however, a look quite similar to the current MacBook Pro (in this case, the 13 ″), even in silver – I expected at least new colors, perhaps space gray or matte black. It is also possible to notice that the keyboard appears to have the new butterfly mechanism present on the 12 ″ MacBook and that Apple is bringing back the inscription “MacBook Pro” below the display.

The other details, however, we will know on Thursday – and you can follow everything with us, in our coverage!

Update, for Rafael Fischmann · Oct 25, 2016 at 21:02

THE 9to5Mac also found in the bowels of macOS Sierra 10.12.1 Touch ID icons:

Touch ID icons found in macOS Sierra 10.12.1

Of course, the sensor can be used to unlock the Mac (such as iPads and iPhones) – and not just for Apple Pay.