Leak indicates that TCL is preparing a smartphone with an extensible screen

TCL will be working on a smartphone with an extensible screen.

A set of images of the alleged device was published online by the CNET portal, which suggests that, contrary to what the rest of the technology is doing with the folding equipment, the company will take a different path.

The images show us a device with an extensible screen, and not a foldable screen, as we can find on the Motorola Razr or Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

In this case, there is a second display that slides under the first one, then joins this one, transforming it into a bigger one.

tek tcl

CNET indicates that the technology was intent on presenting the smartphone at the next edition of the Mobile World Congress, but remember that the event was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Despite presenting us with an ambitious proposal, the images also leave us with several questions, mainly regarding the mechanics involved in the device.

Note that it is likely that this device is a proof of concept, so its launch should not be imminent.

TCL has already presented several folding models at previous technological fairs, to which SAPO Tek had access, but never launched a commercial version of any of them.

It is true that the technologies are experimenting with new formats, whether they are tablets that fold and transform into smartphones, or that are smartphones that fold like the old ones, becoming more compact, or even these new models, apparently extendable.