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League of Legends could win an iPhone version soon

Gamers of the world, I trembled: the indefectible Lolzinho may be finding the way for smartphones and tablets.

According to the Reuters, the developer Riot games, responsible for the phenomenon League of Legends, is developing a version of the iPhone game in partnership with his company me, Tencent Holdings, in China. The two companies would have been collaborating on the creation for over a year, but it is unlikely that the mobile version of the game will be released in 2019 as we are likely to hear more about it next year.

Although a mobile version of League of Legends has been denied by its developers over the years, the transition from gaming to smartphones and tablets wouldn't be surprising: even though it is the world's most popular PC (and Mac) game, LoL has seen its annual revenue drops 21% last year, with $ 1.4 billion generated in the game. An entry into the mobile world would mean a whole new universe of players to be captured especially in China, where 57% of gaming revenue comes from mobile devices.

With the title's arrival on iOS and Android, Riot Games also has the chance to expand the already huge international competitions of the game, as we can see from the gigantic and millionaire tournaments around League of Legends, but have potential to get even bigger.

It remains to be seen, of course, whether companies will successfully translate LoL's experience from computers to mobile devices. Epic did it with Fortnite, but we're talking about a completely different creature here. What do you guys think?

via 9to5Mac