Apple should really wait until 2020 to deploy 5G network on iPhones

Lead Engineer of Apple's 5G Modem Project Leaves the Company

While some arrive, others leave. Today we talk about hiring engineer Umashankar Thyagarajan, who was then at Intel and is now part of Apple's chip architecture team. And the hiring makes sense, after all, the company plunged headlong into the idea of ​​creating the your own 5G modem for future iPhones. Even so, this new news from The information caught a lot of people surprised.

According to the vehicle, Rubn Caballero who joined Apple in 2005 and even led the 5G modem project left the company. Recently, the entire project has moved from Caballero's field to Johny Srouji, Apple's senior vice president of hardware technologies.

The reason for the uncertain exit, but the The information It speculates that it may have to do with both the recent deal with Qualcomm and the possibility that Apple currently has many "chiefs" in this area after making significant hiring of employees from Intel and Qualcomm itself.

In addition to being with Apple for over a decade, Caballero's name has been included in more than 100 wireless patents. It can also be recognized by many since, before the Antennagate burst, would have alerted Steve Jobs about the problem with the design of the iPhone 4 antennas.

Although Apple is hiring a lot of big names in the area, seeing the exit of one who has been with the company for so long and with a broad knowledge of the curious inner workings of Apple. This is a key area for the company's plans, and even with the deal with Qualcomm, she has everything to create her own chip and use it on iPhones / iPads in a few years.

via AppleInsider