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Augmented reality apps make more and more of our lives, especially since smartphones are already taking good time of our day. In the meantime, there are very good quality apps and of course others that are not so good. Our review of Layar today. Let's see which group it fits into.

Functions & Usage

Layar shares with Wikitude the privileged position of augmented reality related businesses. The app has been around since 2009 and a lot of work has been invested in it. Unsurprisingly, smartphones have a camera, GPS, compass and accelerometer. Layar uses all these elements to create a virtual image of its surroundings. Using GPS or mobile network data, the app locates the user's exact position and superpe on the camera's viewfinder. The phone's motion sensors help you adjust what you see on your screen to what you are looking at.

It is precisely this feature that makes Layar so practical. All kinds of business information can be integrated into the integrated reality of a smartphone screen. Maybe comparing Layar with Google Places or Yellow Pages is an interesting way to understand what this app is all about. Through the camera lens, Layar displays exactly where the nearest restaurant is, for example. And the best: all in 3D. There are different levels to select from based on specific categories. Consider, however, that some levels are saved for some cities. But it all works like an online map. You click on the screen to receive more detailed information or open the web page of a certain establishment.

Layar has no limits. The amount of information is limited only by the number of companies and establishments that share your information through Layar. In fact, the app can be of great help when you are traveling through some unfamiliar city. The app has the following options:

  • Favorites: Your Favorite Levels
  • Recent: histrico
  • Levels: Divided into Featured, Popular, and New. Each of these levels is further subdivided.
  • Setup: Here you can login to your account (via Facebook or Twitter) and set some smaller options.

Conclusion:Layar is the ultimate in augmented reality apps. Maybe it's just the face of all future apps.

Screen & Controls

Layar is super easy to use and has a consistent layout. Both the menu and camera viewfinder are well designed. The controls are also a wonder. Undoubtedly, a great combination.

Speed ​​& Stability

In terms of stability and speed, the app very good. Everything works smoothly and flawlessly. The only thing we can say is that Layar takes a while to load a certain map, but that does not hurt the overall functioning of the app in any way.

Price / Performance Ratio

The free advertising free Layar can be downloaded from our App Center.

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