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Lawsuit against Apple and Samsung for smartphone radiation advances in court

Those who closely follow news from the Apple world will surely remember the test conducted by Chicago Tribune, which indicated that several of Ma's recent smartphones as well as some of Samsung's would be emitting radiation at levels above those allowed by law.

The case obviously became controversial and generated reactions: the law firm Fegan Scott, based in Chicago, filed a lawsuit against Apple and Samsung accusing companies of selling products with improper radiation and presenting a health risk to consumers. Now the process is progressing in court.

Explanation: Following the initial statement by Fegan Scott, the law firm hired an FCC-accredited laboratory (Federal Communications Commission, or US Federal Communications Commission) to conduct their own tests on smartphones analyzed by the newspaper. Again, the results indicated that the devices emit more radiation than allowed by law.

O iPhone 8For example, when tested at 2 millimeters of tissue that simulates the human body, it emitted radiation at a level 2x higher than that allowed by US federal law. Galaxy S8. When tested against the fabric, the same iPhone 8 emitted 5x the allowed radiation level.

Lawyer Beth Fegan stated the following about the findings:

Apple and Samsung smartphones have changed the way we live. Adults, teenagers and children wake up to check their emails, play games, work or do school exercises on their devices. They carry these devices in their pockets throughout the day and literally fall asleep with them in their beds.

The manufacturers tell consumers that the devices are safe, so we knew it was important to test the radiation emission of the devices and see if that was true. In fact. Independent results confirm that radiation levels are well above the limit allowed by federal law, sometimes exceeding 500% when used as recommended by Apple and Samsung. Consumers deserve to know the truth.

It is not yet known what practical effect these results will have on the case, but it is certain that the Northern California District Court, which is handling the case, will take this information very seriously when issuing its verdict. Fegan Scott claims damages from Apple and Samsung, in addition to paying for medical monitoring for potentially affected users.

Let's see what this is all about.

via MacRumors