Latte Dock recebe vários updates e novidades

Latte Dock gets lots of updates and news

A very elegant dock for those who use KDE, gets several improvements in your code, and news.

Many users like to customize their Linux desktop, preferring in some cases for a dock underneath, to look like the macOS dock. A dock that does this function, the Latte Dock.

Latte Dock receives several updates and news

This dock was designed and developed for those who use KDE, thus giving harmony to the environment used. She fuses her with two other projects, Now Dock and Candil Dock, thus giving birth to Latte Dock.

In the official blog post, Michail Vourlakos (psifidotos), lists some improvements made to the dock and news, such as:

Latte when transparent, the color of the open window be used;

Bookmarks have now gained support for Unity and Dash to Panel styles, and can be installed through the KDE Store;

"Unity style indicators"

"Dash to panel style indicators"

Multiple Layouts in different activities within KDE Plasma;

More flexible dock / panel configurations, thus adjusting to the user's taste;

Improved shortcut notification badges;

Michail also commented that he is currently the only dev for Latte Dock, so he will be focused on bugfixes and code improvements. New functions, at the moment he is not interested, unless others should want to help him, and these requests should be reported on The request will be open for a month, if there is no return, it will be closed.

To run Latte Dock you will need Qt in version 5.9 (minimum) or 5.12 and Plasma in versions 5.12 (minimum) or 5.15.

To see the full post, with Dev video explaining each new feature, just log in here. This article does not end here, keep exchanging an idea there in our forum.

Hope to see you next, a big hug.


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