Latest Huawei smartphones won't have access to Google's COVID-19 tracking app

Latest Huawei smartphones won't have access to Google's COVID-19 tracking app

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Google announced, together with Apple, a disease tracking app. However, Huawei's latest smartphones, without access to Google Mobile Services, will not support the Google API. In practice, this means that users of the P40 smartphone line, recently launched in Portugal, and Mate 30, will not be able to use the application to find out if they were close to someone infected with the new coronavirus.

The news was advanced by TechRadar, which explains that the guarantee was given by the Chinese manufacturer in an online press briefing. All models released before May 2019 will have API access from the two technological giants, with the update on the Google Play Store. The same does not happen with the smartphones that followed the blockade of the United States Chinese company.

In mid-April, the two technological giants announced a partnership that aims to help citizens manage this new pandemic reality. The objective of the initiative is, through the use of Bluetooth technology, "to help governments and health agencies to reduce the spread of the virus", with the privacy and security of the user being essential elements, guarantee the companies.

In a first phase, both companies will launch APIs that allow interoperability between Android and iOS devices through public health authority apps. Applications can be downloaded from the App Store and Google PlayStore. As soon as the feature is integrated into the operating system, the user needs to activate the API before starting to send and receive Bluetooth signals. And if you don’t have a support medical assistance app at that time, you’ll still have access to the last 14 days nearby after installing the app.

In Portugal, an application will also be launched that will let users know if they were close to someone infected with COVID-19. The app was presented this Monday and also uses Bluetooth technology.